Loft Type House Design 5x4 Meters with Two Beds -- When choosing the best design for your dream home, choose one that appeals to you and answer your concerns and requirements. If your problem is a limited space, this 20-sqm loft house design from Pinoy House Designs might be the answer for you. 

A small loft-style house has a contemporary interior style. This will add to the uniqueness of your tiny house. It has a modern arrangement that will provide an enjoyable life. 

Here is loft type house design 5x4 meters with two beds.

Sleek and beautiful front building

©Pinoy House Designs

The front building offers an anti-complicated design. A loft-style house would benefit from a cube building with a high ceiling. 

The house takes a bone-white color with cream accents on the upper wall above the main door. The main entrance is located in the center of the structure. It had a solid green permanent flat roof to keep the rain out. 

Outstanding design with better air circulation

The house stands firmly with a minimalist style construction. This house will still impress everyone in your neighborhood. The construction of the house uses glass windows for a bright interior view. 

The house construction

A house like this can be built at an estimated cost of 400,000 Php - 550,000 Php. 

Floor plan reference

©Pinoy House Designs

This is the floor plan of this house. This house has a ground floor and an upper floor. The ground floor consist of a porch, living are, toilet&bath, kitchen-laundry-dining area with a size of 4 m x 1.4 m. The upper floor serves as a bedroom with a size of 4.00 m x 2.55 m.

Cozy living space design

The living rom is on the ground floor. The room has a wooden floor to give it a homey feel. Corner of the room for attaching stairs to the access floor. The area under the stairs is cleverly used to install cabinet to display TVs and decorations there. 

Kitchen and dining area

You can still use this house a family residence. The house features a kitchen and dining area. Kitchens with a single-wall countertop that accommodate a worktop, stove, and sink. Upper and lower cabinets provide optimal storage. This kitchen is also having a cooker hood to keep out the outdoor cooking. 

Modern bathroom

©Pinoy House Designs

This loft type house has a modern bathroom design. The bathroom consist of a bath area with a walk-in shower that fits perfectly in the corner. The toilet is elegantly integrated into the small space between the vanity and shower. 

Two beds in the loft

The loft floor functions as a bedroom. Four meters divided by two equals two beds. One has larger bunk bed, while the other has a smaller one. The two beds are separated by a thick wardrobe that serves for the storage of the two areas as well. 

This is what the bedroom in the loft looks like. Although not completely enclosed, this room has livable features. Comfortable beds, sliding windows for air circulation and lighting, and storage cabinets.

Thank you for taking time to read Loft Type House Design 5x4 Meters with Two Beds. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
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