Wonderful 18 Sqm Tiny House Design Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Our review of livable 18-squere-meter tiny house design has received a lot of attention. Many people like it and even require it as inspiration a tiny but habitable comfortable home. This time, we have another wonderful 18 sqm tiny house design ideas to share with you. 

Unlike previous design, this modern tiny house has one-story concept. It features a simpler, budget-friendly loft floor to increase space. The compact arrangement that doesn't' go overboard also makes life easier.  

1. Awesome front building

© Azura Raisya Meidina

You won't get too much of a boxy front building. The exposed red brick wall accent on the front elevation is stunning. The presence of a permanent flat roof that houses the entrance also adds another dimensions. From the outside, it looks as good as a one-story house of a typically medium size. 

2. Compact interior arrangement

The interior features a white base for the walls and ceiling, as well as fine wood that complements the floor and furniture. This combo gives the sense of a modern, spacious, and clean interior. 

The pieces of furniture and decorations have been thoughtfully placed. Reduce clutter by minimizing decor and embellishment. 

3. Cozy living room design

There is a living room in this tiny house. The perfect place to unwind or even entertain guest. It has a long couch facing the TV on slim desk. Decorative touches cleverly fit into colorful but elegantly framed wall decor. 

4. No idle corner

© Azura Raisya Meidina

There is a triangular corner under the stairs that could be used for additional storage. Residents can use it as compact storage for home appliances. The plain wall next to it is better with a large mirror to create a sense of spacious.  

5. L-shaped kitchen nook

Another well-designed corner. This one was transformed into an L-shaped kitchen. The white cabinet complements the black granite countertop, giving it a modern and versatile aesthetic. Install the sleek upper cabinet that fits perfectly in the nook. 

6. Loft floor as a bedroom

Move up the stairs to the loft floor, where the bedroom is located. A loft bedroom concept provides an open atmosphere that reduce the feeling of being stuffy. Natural light comes from the dormant window will make the interior especially the bedroom bright during the day.

7. Bedroom with good arrangement

A nice atmosphere permeates this loft bedroom. The loft's sturdy iron railings give you a sense of security while you sleep, it can be raised for safety reasons. This space also includes a functional wardrobe and a floating cabinet for versatile storages

8. Floor plan reference

© Azura Raisya Meidina

This is a rough house plan. Standing on a land 3 m by 6 m. The entrance door has dimensions of 0.7 m x 1.06 m, bathroom in 1.56 m x 1.3 m, and kitchen spot in 1.64 m x 1.56 m. 

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Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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