7 Beautiful Outdoor Shower Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- An outdoor shower is a wonderful addition to any home. For those of of you who enjoy spending time outside, taking a cool outdoor shower during the summer may be a good idea. Outdoor showers will dramatically increase a home's value

These 7 beautiful outdoor shower ideas will inspire you to create a fresh oasis in your home.

1. Indoor Outdoor Shower


The bathroom with an outdoor shower provides a twice as refreshing shower experience. What's great about this bathroom is the shower, which is surrounded by high walls, which gives you a sense of privacy when you shower. Tropical plants in the shower add fresh tropical vibes here.

2. Rinse yourself in the outdoor shower


No pool is complete without an outdoor shower. You can rinse off before jumping into the pool by using an outdoor shower near the pool. It's also a good idea to rinse yourself off in the pool water with fresh water from an outdoor shower like this one before leaving.

3. Outdoor shower surrounded by roses


Confused about how to use your side yard? Opt for an outdoor shower design like this. Make sure the shower can drain heavy water like this. You can use the remaining space to plant roses. After getting dirty with plants, you can immediately take a fresh shower there.

4. Bring some decorations


You can set up an outdoor shower in a designated outdoor area. Use solid shelving that acts as a divider or at least provides a sense of privacy while showering. Bring some decorations, like dangling plants in pots. It's great idea to have a hook to hang your bathrobe on.

5. A quick shower in stunning outdoor shower


When your body sweat in summer, you might want to take a quick shower in an outdoor shower like this one. The design is so elegant with an accent wall of perfect pebble bird egg natural. The perfect choice for the epitome of coastal style.

6. Practical outdoor shower


Experience a pleasant quick shower here. The shower area is designed exclusively with thick wooden boards that are not slippery when exposed to water. The presence of black stone around the shower provides a unique natural contrast.

7. Calm and tropic outdoor ideas


No shower, but there is an outdoor bath. You may enjoy a soothing, tropical, and refreshing soak. This outdoor bathtub, surrounded by tropical plants such as Calathea lutea, will be the best spot for an afternoon soak that pampers your body.

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