7 Best Room Designs in Inviting Green Shades

Helloshabby.com -- Green is always a good choice for interior design. It is a color that brings a sense of freshness and liveliness into the home. Green can also be paired with other colors in a variety of ways. Go with a neutral palette, and your room room will stand out with a green hue.

For you green lovers, here are the 7 best room designs in inviting green shades.

1. Green for a small living room

Green is never wrong to apply to small living room. It will make your living room fresh. Use a white base and wood-inspired flooring to it. Green would look great as the theme of cabinetry and sofas in a design like these. Bring life to the space by placing greenery. Your green living room will be naturally green and lively.

2. Stylish green kitchen design

It's a big mistake to think of kitchen and green as a bad match. It's possible for it to appear this stylish. Keep the walls and floor neutral in color.

Don't hesitate to go with green for cabinet choices, kitchen backsplashes, and pendant lights.  Voila, the green kitchen will be a fashionable spot that makes cooking more enjoyable.

3. Bright and happy green bedroom

Green brings energy, which is good for you to apply to a child's bedroom for a bright and fresh atmosphere. You can choose a green shade that's bright but not overpowering when exposed to natural light.

Add a fun touch, such as sticker decorations, family photos that kids adore, and this will quickly become their favorite bedroom.

4. Elegant living room design

Green is not about lively and freshness. You can gave a green room design that brings peace and a sense of elegance. Choose shades of green in deep, non-dazzling, such as moss green, pine green, and pear green. It is great applied to large center walls, bringing a relaxing, stylish appeal.

5. Green up your ceiling

There's nothing wrong with painting a green wall this shade of green. The green ceiling that connects to the green walls gives a well-curated look even to this powdery room or small bathroom. Now that there's so much green, restrain yourself from adding green stuff here.

6. Lovely kids' bedroom

A green bedroom for children can look this lovely. Green walls have a low tone that's visually appealing. Small furniture pieces, such as floating dressers and nightstands, provide a nice accent in deeper greens. A round rug with a touch of green adds fresh warmth to the room.

7. Dominant green in the bathroom

Go toward maximalist style with green. Incorporating exposed brick covered in glossy green paint. A shower with a glass partition looks transparent, which makes the room bigger.

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