7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Try

Helloshabby.com -- Within the right arrangement, a small kitchen can be your favorite happy place to spend time. Not just sitting there, but preparing a hearty meal for your family and friends.

Just because your kitchen is small, don't let it feel small and ordinary. You can make the most of your small kitchen even by following our one or 7 small kitchen design ideas to try. This will bring life and convenience to your small kitchen.

1. Go for color contrast to creates space

You can give your small kitchen more personality with color. Using a color scheme is a great idea for a dynamic small kitchen design. Feel free to go for a strong color like red to give your kitchen more depth.

Red is acceptable for countertops, kitchen ornaments, and even in the storage boxes that are placed beneath the countertops. Red will provide a vibrant color as well as on-fire cooking energy.

2. Remove the upper cabinet

Typically, bright pinks with vibrant patterns are not recommended for small kitchens. But why not if you enjoy it? If there are a lot of pink items, make the backsplash or walls in white color to balance them out. Remove the upper cabinets if necessary to give the adorable pink small kitchen a sense of space.

3. Make it small but well-organized

Your kitchen is your joy. Make it your own way. You can make a small kitchen lively in gray, thanks to the patterns on it. Just make sure the kitchen looks tidy. If you want to hang spices or cooking utensils, place them on special floating shelves to make them look well-organized.

4. Work with your lighting

Lights are an essential component in the kitchen. The window may be useful during the day, but a light is required in the kitchen at night. Install the light in desired location. For example, on the countertop just below the upper cabinet. Make sure it gives you the light you want, either as accent lighting or ambient lighting.

5. Close awkward spaces

Some kitchens may have a countertop similar to the one shown. It is constructed of concrete with ceramic tile cladding. This type of countertop will leave an empty space beneath it. If it's not being used as a cabinet, you can conceal the awkward space with a small curtain.

6. Add corner shelves

Go for small corner shelves. You can use it as an instant place to display a kitchen decorations, like the kitchen plant. Use reclaimed barn wood or simply use ready-to-assemble floating shelves like this one.

7. Draw attention to the backsplash

The backsplash is indeed useful for protecting the walls from the cooking process. However, it can be a decorative element in the kitchen. Don't be afraid to go with a busy on your backsplash. A one-of-kind black and pink kitchen will be provided for you.

Thank you for taking time to read 7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Try. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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