How to Design a Shared Bedroom for Kids -- For some reason, children's bedrooms are designed to be shared. Whether it's for reasons of limited space or to bring siblings close together. Regardless, some kids like to share bedrooms. This can help them overcome their uneasiness about having to sleep in their own room. Designing a shared bedroom can be done quickly and easily in a fun way. You can see the tips in how to design a shared bedroom for kids.

1. Pick individual beds with more plushies in it


Bedrooms for girls and boys are clearly distinct. Determine how the bedroom is used first. Girls will surely love the rooms in soft, sweet color like this one.

The shared bedroom has individual beds next to each other, making each person have their own space to sleep on. Center walls in bright blue and heart patterns are enhanced by plushies on floating shelves. This will encourage sisters to spend time together in the room.

2. Space-saving double bed


If you only have limited space for a child's bedroom, choose furniture that space spacing and serve multiple function. Opt for a bed with a doubled bed. Extra bed can be pulled out of the bed to provide the kids with their own sleeping space. When not in use, the bed can be pushed back to create more space in the room.

3. Go with the simple setup


You can arrange a child's bedroom as simply as this. It has a floor-bed design. The bed is directly on the floor. For added warmth, layer it with a rug. This pink painted wall is accented with exposed white brick wallpaper to liven up the bedroom.

4. Match settings


Two children sleeping in the same room must have a balanced arrangement. Children are particularly sensitive to a sense of fairness. You can use the same settings to create each location for the twins. The same furniture and decor. Make a distinction that by including their color preferences, so that the room feels personal to both of them.

5. Bunk beds with features


Limited space? Work around this by choosing a bedroom design with bunk beds. Most children enjoy the experience of climbing up and down the bed space. Choose bunk  beds that are strong and safe for your children. It would be better if each bed was equipped with furniture such as bookshelves, or displays for children's decorations.

6. Go with chic bunk bed design


This shared bedroom will be the dream bedroom for the twins or siblings. It has bunk beds with good spacing. The lower bed feels relieved by the position of the upper bed on the right side. There is still space for a small wardrobe, as well as additional support for the upper bed.

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