Traditional Kitchen Ideas with Concrete and Outdoor Designs -- Traditional kitchen can vary, depending on where you live. This time, we focus on discussing traditional kitchens that may exist in tropical countries, like the Philippines and Indonesia.

This kitchen is said to be traditional for concrete countertop with a layer of tile or other surface. The use of bamboo walls opens up the kitchen and provides an airy, well-ventilated outdoor kitchen vibe.

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Concrete kitchen with outside view

This kitchen might be your favorite place to spent time when visiting the countryside. You will have the experience of cooking in a sturdy concrete kitchen with a clean, glossy surface. The kitchen features bamboo windows overlooking the outside, offering enjoyable cooking free from the stifling heat.

A mix of modern and traditional

Traditional kitchens can come in a variety of designs. With the wooden beams that serve as windows, it can appear to be outside. The kitchen uses concrete combined with tiles and wooden cabinets for a more modern look. This kitchen is quite spacious, so bring chairs and dining table will complete this one-of-kind kitchen.

Airy and sturdy kitchen ideas

A nice mix of bare concrete and solid black walls. It exudes a solid, traditional, and timeless appearance. The kitchen removed the upper cabinets to give an airy impression. The backsplash wall is used to directly store cooking utensils on the hooks there. It's simple but neat, so anyone there doesn't feel uncomfortable.

Convenience outdoor kitchen

In some houses, there are dry and wet kitchens. Dry kitchens usually have a pantry and handy cookware to make light and non-sticky dishes. Some people uses it for simpler preparations only.

In contrast, a wet kitchen caters to heavier or intensive cooking, which maybe produces thick aromas that can stick to the soft furnishings at home. Wet kitchen design can be outside the home. It can use concrete countertop which is weather resistant and great for an outdoor kitchen.

Simply fresh traditional kitchen

This kitchen could serve as an alternative to a simple but appealing outdoor kitchen. It has screened walls to let in as much light and air as possible while also acting as a safety net. The kitchen has a prep table on the countertop, a stove, and a sink. It's small, but it has enough room for essential work. 

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