Beautiful Low-Cost Modern House Design Ideas -- Modern homes come in a variety of styles and shapes. You may have encountered a house with exposed cement or concrete walls. Exposed concrete walls do give off an unfinished style with an industrial vibe. This wall gives the home a cool and natural aesthetic.

Moreover, a house model like this is can help you save money, especially on the cost of finishing the house. If you want to build a house with a more economical budget, you can take inspiration from these beautiful low-cost modern house design ideas.

Filipino House Design (Fp)

The facade of this house is simple with a unique visual appeal. The exposed cement/concrete wall stands out here, lending cool look and feel to the house. Adding a terrace with a solid wood look that's natural but still sturdy. It has a main roof and a terrace roof to shade this exposed concrete house perfectly.

Beautiful even without decorative paint

After this wall-building process, many people paint the house their favorite color. However, the owner went with a strong style in a rough and natural gray color like this. Even thinking about finishing the house is neither simple nor inexpensive. The cost of painting finish can also reach a large amount. However, with this kind of finishing, the house remains attractive and livable.

Relaxing and shady terrace

Filipino House Design (Fp)

As you can see, this house has two porches. One has a spacious size. It takes the form of a porch on stilts, with iron railings frame it. The floor surfaces uses a  wooden solid material that complement the rough gray walls. This porch is shaded by a roof and can be used for a relaxing outdoor space.

Interior design style

Exposed concrete walls do have an unfinished style that seem natural and sturdy. Walls like this have a natural gray color that makes the room more adaptable to any interior setting. It's great to use ceramic tile floors in natural wood colors and patterns. This gleaming floor elevates the interior design.

Since rough gray walls can make a room darker, installing more windows and glass doors in a home like this is a good idea. It will improve natural lighting in the interior.

Modern touches that can't be missed

Despite its low cost, you can give it a fun, modern twist. It's as simple as designing a small bathroom in this industrial white and gray style. You only need white and gray tiles for a bright and slightly rough look. Pick sleek, cost-effective for the bathroom furniture.

Consider exterior landscaping design

Filipino House Design (Fp)

This is how the house appears from the outside. It looks simple, but it exudes a unique, sturdy, and modern look. If you still have a some land available, consider using it for exterior landscaping design. You can surround the house with a garden or a simple walkway. The landscaping design will increase the house's value.

Thank you for taking time to read Beautiful Low Cost Modern House Design Ideas. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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