Small House Plan Modern With Loft Style Area 69 sqm - Having a house with a size that is not spacious is indeed a challenge for homeowners. This is because the owner of the House must be able to arrange the existing room to be useful and not look cramped. The appearance of a house with a simple and functional style that benefits from a size that is not too wide but still looks spacious and remains comfortable to live in is the main thing to think about. For that you can use a loft style that is modern and looks spacious.

For more details you can see the inspiration Small House Plan Modern With Loft Style Area 69 sqm  below!!

Front View

The appearance of the facade of this house looks spacious by displaying a large home page. It seems that the side area of the house is given a cement box to put green plants so that this small house is more beautiful. So it makes the look more simple and beautiful to look at. In addition, there are walls with green wood motifs that can be vocal points in this house.

Rear View

This Rear View House has two large glass windows and also one door that is used as access to the kitchen and dining room. The walls of this house are deliberately made of cement without paint so that it looks natural and unique. The combination of materials that can give the impression of your house more modern.


A comfortable bedroom with good air circulation makes the house look fresher. The bedroom using the wall looks just coated cement or even concrete without paint or any finishing makes the look warmer. For the floor of this room using wood motifs so it looks natural. 

Dining Room

The dining room in this house has a large enough area. The living room using a chair set of wood material makes the look more minimalist and modern. There is a glass door that is used as a room partition between the dining room and the terrace so that it can improve air circulation in the House.


The bathroom is placed near the kitchen has a simple look by using one sitting closet and shower area using transparent glass doors. This bathroom with an elongated shape makes the look more comfortable and does not take up much space.

House plan

The division of this 69 square meter plan consists of :

- Terrace with a size of 2 m x 1 m  

- Dining room with a size of 3 m x 6 m

- Kitchen with a size of 2 M x 3 m

- Bathroom with a size of 2 M x 3 m

- Bedroom with size 4 m x 4 m

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