Before - After Renovation Small House and Minimalist for Your Family

Before - After Renovation Small House and Minimalist for Your Family -- During the renovation process, it is necessary to reconsider which parts of the house will be renovated and to adhere to the previous design. It takes a lot of energy and money to renovate a house. Furthermore, the renovated house must be more appealing than the original design. This inspiration will be revisited when you are ready to build your dream home with your family, complete with beautiful details.

Because there are many changes, this house will look different from the original desing and original, but it is still very interesting to choose.


Details of the facade design


The exterior chosen for the appearance of the facade details is neutral and tends to be warm tones. The house's roof details are also made symmetrical on each side. On the side of the house, there is  a small terrace with natural stone and a garden. The intense lighting in this home is provided by glass windows.This is the original desing; for the finished house, see the reviews below.

Details on the facade

This is a detail of the house's facade from the previous desing, which may differ slightly in one of the terrace walls. If natural stone elements are added in the desing section, it differs from the original house, which is left pain. However, the overall desing is nearly identical because there is a small terrace. Each side has a symmetrical roof shape and a garden house.

House from the side

This residence has details as seen from the side. Adding corner window accents with the same black frames as the houses fences. There are also stairs to the rooftop. Concrete deck roof details are ideal for minimalist family homes like this one.

Interior design specifics

For some furniture, the desing is quite complete in terms of interior details. Such as the sofa, TV cabinet, and one more cabinet. This room employs clean white walls to create the illusion of space, as well as the use of windows to brighten the interior.

Interior desing of a bedroom

This room idea can be used to match the interior desing and the original. This mattress is quite high from the floor surface when used with a multifunctional bed. The space is large enough to function as workspace at the same time. The interior is kept white to make the medium size appear larger.

 Hopefully, those house ideas will be useful to those of you who are looking for ideas and inspiration for home garden ideas. We wish you luck in building your dream home. Don't forget to tell your friends and family about it.

Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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