Great Backyard Pool Makeover Ideas for Small Yards -- Make a small empty space in your home into a fun place to spend time outside. You don't have to spend a lot of money because you can do everything yourself using equipment that can be easily and cheaply obtained online. A pool in your backyard will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Lets take a look at some great backyard pool makeover ideas for small yards.

1. Get a circular pond 

A circular pool or pond will the star of the show in a small backyard. You don't have to build the pool from scratch; you can get it easily and cheaply on e-commerce. This pool model is so practical and easy for you to install yourself. If you want your backyard pool to have a nice landscaping design, place the pool in a special spot.

2. Makes the sides more solid

After the installation of the circular pond, there may be some features that you add. Installing wooden slats supports around the pond could be one option. The wooden slats are installed in a tight row to keep the pond upright and to provide a more natural finishing touch than a plastic-like finish.

3. Ensure there are no leaks

Once all the features are installed, make sure you do a leak test. Fill the pond with water and see if there are any leaks. This pond model may be simple, but the bright blue look will give the pond, a pleasant fresh look.

4. Fill it with water to the brim

Fill the water to the brim when it is ready. This small pool can be an alternative to having a swimming pool or water pond, even in a small yard. With its wide circular dimensions and safe depth, it may be suitable for children to swim in and adults to soak in.

5. Beautify with more natural touches

It's time to add some flair to the backyard. Beautify your backyard pool with more natural touches. You can fill the sloping ground with rocks and stones that cover the ground. Use some remaining land for your gardening hobby. Grow backyard plants such as hosta plants, shrubs, and others. Houseplants like ornamental palms can also liven up your yard.

6. Bring seating and other decorations

This backyard with a pool is made even more perfect with seating. Bring your lounge chair near the backyard pool; add cushions to sit comfortably. You can make it visually appealing by adding decorations such as a fence display in a rustic style, as shown.

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