Dream Home in the Province with Beautiful Field Views

Helloshabby.com -- Do you long for a home with a tranquil, lovely view of the fields? After getting tired of the hectic city life, it might be our dream to enjoy a simple and relaxing life in the province.

You can choose a simple but beautiful house for that dream. A tiny house like this can be dedicated to those of you who plan to purchase a rice field or farm. It can also be used as a vacation home when you return to the province for a vacation.

Let's take a look at a dream home in the province with beautiful field view.

Small but stunning farmhouse

This simple field house is designed in the style of a native house on stilts. The floor of the house was raised a few steps inches. This is done to minimize the risk of animals or insects entering the house. The entrance is on the side, and the widest part is designed to take you outside to a large balcony.

The clean, bright white finish looks harmonious with the green atmosphere of the grass and plants. A house like this gives off a beautiful and tranquil feeling just by looking at it.

The large balcony

This home has a large balcony. The house use a concrete foundation for a solid floor. The balcony is large enough for you to spend relaxing hours together with your family members, while enjoying the cool breeze blowing on you.

The balcony will not be too hot thanks to the installation of a galvalume roof or metal roof that perfectly shades the entire house.

Make the relaxing space blend in with the outside

The balcony is tastefully decorated for the ultimate in relaxation and healing. The floor is covered with grass-like rugs that give the outdoor ambience. Bring movable chairs with cushions to sit comfortably. The seating also has a green umbrella to provide shade.

Bring your snacks and hot drinks here

Take in the fresh and beautiful farm scenery that surrounds you. It is even better to pair local snacks with hot coffee or chocolate to enjoy the atmosphere in the province. The cool air will multiply your snack enjoyment here.

A green landscape that gives a sense of healing

A house surrounded by green fields and rice paddies can be a perfect sanctuary in itself. The green scenery gives a sense of healing if you feel tired and exhausted. You can just move the chairs to a comfortable spot to enjoy the fresh air. It may rain sometimes, so it's better to pick weather-resistant outdoor furniture.

Grow your own food

Growing your own food is another aspect of village life. The village's fertile soil can be used to grow vegetables and fruits. For practical reasons, you can also try raising chicken, ducks, or fish.

Thank you for taking time to read Dream Home in the Province with Beautiful Field Views. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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