Small Living Room Interior Design Tips -- The most important room in the house is the living room. It's where you can unwind and entertain guests. Having a small living room is not the end of your home. Modern design ideas for small living rooms are endless. You can keep the living room comfortable. It has a modest size but offers a pleasant modish room style.

For more ideas, keep reading for small living room interior design tips.

Let the sunlight in


Lighting is important for a small living room. Bring in a window or other light source in the living room. The light from windows will provide a bright look that's pleasing to the eye.

If you choose an interior in white or neutral colors, the natural light will reflect the colors and make your living room more spacious. Minimize window treatments by not putting up heavy curtains or ornaments to allow more sunlight to in.

Light and elegant setup


You can use any style for a small living room. However, the best option is a styling that's light, elegant, and does not overcrowd. It may be enough to put a compact sofa and a coffee table in a living room of no more 11 square meters. Use a trick by choosing a patterned rug to elevate this modest living room.

Make good use of the wall


In a small house with a small living room, we must be clever to get a comfortable and functional space that will save space. Leaving the walls too bare will indeed make it look bigger, but it will make the small living room look plain and boring.

Make use of the walls to create built-in or custom shelves for books and decorative display shelves in the living room. This built-in shelf also adds to the aesthetics of the living room.

Use simple and sophisticated furniture


Don't try to squeeze large furniture into a small space. It might be better to use a simple decorating style. Simply bring a pair of cushioned chairs in light, minimalist style. Bring an ottoman into the room to add visual interest. It may be simple, but it exudes a fresh and clean vibe that's perfect for a small living room.

Place great decor for small spaces


Decorations are important to liven up a space. Plan out what decorations you'll bring into the living room carefully. Choose a wall painting display that has a clean and aesthetically pleasing shiny surface. Make a big statement in a small living room by bringing in indoor plant tree to liven up the corners.

Bring contrast with paint


Who says a small living room can't have contrast? It's great for making every corner stand out. The decorative frames arranged nicely on the white wall may be the focal point here, but the backdrop wall is painted mint green. The mint wall acts as a contrast that improves the look of this living room.

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