Tiny Elevated Bahay Kubo with Modern Interior that Can Amaze You (42 Sqm)

Helloshabby.com -- Modern home designs are increasingly popular and are starting to be widely used to have a comfortable, eye-catching, and stylish home. However, if you like a traditional touch to your home, you can combine both traditional and modern.  You will find home designs with these interesting styles in this discussion. Check out Tiny Elevated Bahay Kubo with Modern Interior that Can Amaze You (42 Sqm).




House facade design

The facade design of this house looks beautiful and attractive by using a stilt house model that is safer during earthquakes. This house has a touch of amakan on some parts of the wall which is then combined with glass which gives an elegant touch to the house. The design of the stairs owned by the facade of this house also looks simple so that it does not disturb the overall aesthetics of the house.



Outdoor space


Being one of the most attractive parts of this home design, this outdoor kitchen and dining table has a relaxed look with simple furnishings. An additional design for the roof of this kitchen is also made so that the heat from the stove does not damage the building upstairs. Relaxing while eating mom's favorite dishes in this area will make for perfect family bonding.



Kitchen and dining room

Entering the interior of the house, there are rooms that are made without partitions, making it comfortable for activities and not stuffy. This area is the kitchen and dining room. Kitchen design with linear kitchen set is made by adjusting the existing size. Then, a small table with a few chairs near the kitchen will become a simple but functional indoor dining room.



Living room design

This area is also adjacent to the kitchen and dining room. There is a living room that looks simple but has a smart design. Without the need for a sofa, this design uses the window area as a comfortable place to sit while watching your favorite television shows with your family. Alternatively, you can add a floor rug in this area for more capacity.




Bathroom and laundry area

This bathroom design has a modern look with a dominant white color that looks clean and bright. In addition to the bathroom, this space is also used as a laundry area that takes up a little space in the corner of the room. This design will make the room more functional and attractive.



Bedroom idea

This house has a master bedroom that looks warm and cozy. The use of wood-colored interiors can provide a calm and not boring atmosphere. To give a more spacious impression, this room is designed to have large glass windows. To create better privacy, a curtain will be the perfect addition to this bedroom window.

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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : RABE Studio

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