3 x 6 M Worth Living House with Floor Plan (36 sqm TFA)

Helloshabby.com -- You can build a livable house on 3 x 6 meters of land. This two-story tiny house design provides plenty of comfortable space without feeling cramped or stuffy. This house has a modern and minimalist design that's relevant for use in urban areas or wherever you choose to build. The loft bedroom and balcony make this tiny house more enjoyable. 

For you, this is the 3 x 6 m worth living house with floor plan (36 sqm TFA).

Front elevation view

© Porma House

The front building takes on the style of a typical two-story house. You will find a front elevation with a main door, windows, and a balcony. The house is typically simple with without excessive details, making it more budget-friendly to build. Deep gray accent lines are added on the lower windows to give the house a polished look.

Corner side view

A house built of brick or concrete allows the tiny two-story house to stand firm. Especially with the exterior paint combination used. The gray base paint color for the entire exterior building gives it a sophisticated look, with white paint colors for doors, windows, and some points that balance out the gray. The black color also makes an elegant entry for the railing and roof, which add a modern feel here.

Aerial view

© Porma House

From above, you can see the house's design using a gable roof construction. Roof tiles can adjust to the climate where you live. Gable roofs have a simple construction that's fast and economical to work on. This roof also allows rainwater to flow directly downward.

From the areal view, we can see that there is a balcony with granite tiles floor that's perfect for outdoor relaxing.

Elegant living area design

The living room serves multiple functions. It is used for both relaxation and entertaining guests. Placing a beautiful sofa facing a sleek wall-mounted TV. The floor has granite-patterned tiles that adds an elegant layer to this room. The windows are also beautifully covered using gray curtains with a classy wave effect.

Tiny yet modern kitchen ideas

© Porma House

The kitchen is adjacent to the dining area, separating the countertop and stove area from the sink area. It appears to be divided by a bathroom wall. Even so, the kitchen furniture design with its high cabinetry still make this kitchen look charming. There are not many ornaments here, but the kitchen still exudes the vibe of a tiny kitchen with an expensive style.

The bedroom ideas

The second-floor is entirely dedicated to bedrooms, so you'll get a spacious bedroom. Here, you can bring a large bed, a TV section for entertainment, and a wardrobe. The bedroom retains glass windows for natural lighting and air circulation. From here, you will be able to access the balcony, which is an extension of the bedroom.

The floor plan reference

The house is projected for a 3 x 6-meter plot. The first and second each have a floor area of 18 square meters, giving the house a total floor area of 36 square meters. The following is how space is divided:

- The ground floor consists of:
  • living room, dining area, and stairs area with a size of 3.00 m x 4.5 m,
  • kitchen area with a size of 1.5 m x 1.5 m,
  • bathroom with a size of 1.5 m x 1.5 m.
- The second floor consists of:
  • the bedroom with a size of 3.00 m x 3.9 m,
  • balcony with a size of 3.00 m x 2.1 m.

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