Fresh and Exciting Green Home Decor Ideas -- A green-decorated home will never go out of style. Green is a natural color that can be used in any style of home. You can incorporate greenery of furniture in your favorite green colors. Even so, applying this natural hue it not as simple as one might think. The wrong steps lead the house to look gaudy and tiresome. Avoid that by checking out these fresh and exciting green home decor ideas.

Incorporate green as an accent color

A home with a green decor theme doesn't have to be entirely green. You can use green just as an accent color. With white walls and a brown tile floor, it's a good background to add a harlequin-green sofa combined with a matching green rug. The wall is getting lively with the green paint accents applied there. Plants add color and life to this small living room.

A little green but impactful

It doesn't have to be overwhelming to incorporate green. Bring in green in a simple but impactful way. You can add a soft green rug under your minimalist coffee table. That table looks empty? Why not place a tropical philodendron plant with wide green leaves? The plant will work as a focal point. Green makes a small display, but adds big style here.

Vibrant green kitchen

You can also go for a maximalist look with green. Allow yourself to have a vibrant, all-green kitchen. Green walls with green decorations and trinkets on them. Kitchen appliances are even more adorable with stickers and covers in tropical green look. The brown tile floor naturally balances out the green, making it not appear monotonous.

A green plant that brings life to the space

An easy and cheap way to green up your living space is to bring in plants. Plants will give you a natural green look that does double duty. It can be a plant that purifies the air in the room. Plants also add a refreshing green color to the room's appearance.

Create a bright and fresh green space

Bring something unique to your home with green! You can try this dining room ieas with an outdoor vibe. Using grass rugs gives it a strong natural feel. Add another fun color to the decor, such as yellow, to make the space look bright and exciting. Eating together at hone will be a lot of fun here.

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