6 x 8 Meters Small House Design with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Balconies

Helloshabby.com -- Typically, small houses or tiny house designs only provide one or two bedrooms. This is not the case with Kapur Design's lovely house design. It is 6 x 8 meters in size and has three bedrooms as well as two balconies. The house also has a modern exterior design, which makes every owner proud.

To inspire you, keep reading for 6 x 8 meters small house design with 3 bedrooms and 2 balconies.

Dashing front elevation design

© Kapur Design

The front building has a dashing appeal. It takes the concept of small two-story house. The first floor features a front terrace, while the second floor features a large balcony. 

The exterior finishing was both elegant and vibrant. Paint the house with white and grayish-blue accents. Andesite natural stone accents are included for the pillars and front wall accessories, making it so stunning.

The ground floor plan

© Kapur Design

Let's take a look at the ground plan for this 6 x 8-meter house design! The ground floor houses living areas and common rooms. There are also two bedrooms with similar room sizes. It has the following details:
  • terrace with a size of 2.94 m x 1.51 m,
  • living room with a size of 3.06 m x 3.55 m,
  • dining table and kitchen with a size of 3.06 m x 3.61 m,
  • toilet with a size of 2.0 m x 1.45 m,
  • bedroom 1 with a size of 2.94 m x 2.94 m,
  • bedroom 2 with a size of 3.06 m x 2.94 m.

Compact living room design ideas

You'll see the living room when opening the door. This space is compact in design and features essential furniture. You can place a loveseat and TV cabinet here. The living room also has a staircase leading to the second floor. The space beneath the stairs is effectively used to design a built-in cabinet for extra storage.

Dining area near the laundry

© Kapur Design

You're lucky not to have an open-plan living room. It is bordered by a solid wall between the living room with kitchen & dining area. A dining table and chairs can be placed here. There is also room to design a laundry with cabinets to keep things organized. To avoid feeling stuffy, install glass windows and air vents.

Elegant small blue kitchen design

The kitchen uses an L-shaped layout to organize the countertops and cabinetry here. Choosing a blue color that matches the exterior paint give a harmonious look. This space is fairly small, hanging a large mirror was a smart way to add a sense of space.

Example of bedroom design on the first floor

Two bedrooms on the first floor are almost the same size. This one is a sample design. It can be used as a single bedroom with single bed, a small wardrobe, and workspace corner. The bedroom has a glass window that lets in light while also channeling the air.

The second floor plan

© Kapur Design

The second floor is used for the master bedroom and balconies. The master bedroom has a size of 2.58 m x 4.45 m. The bedroom also has a private bathroom. From the master bedroom, the owner can access a terrace or small balcony in 1.8 m x 2.94 m. The large balcony can be accessed through the second hall.

The master bedroom design ideas

The bedroom is fully equipped. It was perfectly designed, especially in the wardrobe area, with a wood plank accent wall with white contrast. The occupants of the room can also add a spacious workstation. Adding aesthetic paintings will enhance this bedroom's look.

The small balcony

This small house has a side balcony, as seen. The balcony is 1.8 m by 2.94 m in size. It shaded by a permanent roof and railing. This area can be used as a private outdoor lounge connected to the master bedroom. Just place two chairs and a corner table here.

The top view

© Kapur Design

The house has a sloping roof. It has a spacious balcony. Compared to the small balcony, this second balcony is designed to be open without a roof. Its purpose is to serve as a gathering place for outdoor family activities and gardening hobbies.

Thank you for taking time to read 6 x 8 Meters Small House Design with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Balconies. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Youtube/ Kapur Design

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