7+ Beautiful Tiny House Ideas, Under 30 Sqm (3 x 6 Meters)

Helloshabby.com -- Having a space under 30 square meters is a challenge. But don't be discouraged. Even a 3 by 6 meter area can be used to build a cozy tiny house. This two-story tiny house design is a great example. It consists living spaces that are not cramped and small. Built with a sturdy minimalist concept, the house is still livable and stylish. Here are 7+ beautiful tiny house ideas, under 30 sqm (3 x 6 meters).

Sturdy two-story house facade

©Tiny House @CasasPequenas

A simple geometric house facade that is simple and inexpensive to build. You can have more space and even a balcony by using the two-story concept. The front elevation has no front porch; it only consists of the main door and windows. The glass doors on the second floor are wider to let in more light.

Impressive exterior finishing

The colors used in the house's appearance are dominated by white paint, making the house look charming and clean. Adding gray paint accents to enliven the look. It looks more perfect with black frames and a fine wood door. The exterior finishing gives the house a firm and minimalistic yet elegant vibe.

The floor plan reference

©Tiny House @CasasPequenas

The house consists of the main living spaces for a single person, a couple, or a small family. The low level has a sala/living room with a size of 3.00 m x 3.11 m. The living room is next to the dining and kitchen areas. The low-level room uses an open concept without solid walls to give it a spacious and airy feeling. This does not apply to a bathroom (3.0 m x 1.3 m) with a closed chamber design to provide privacy.

While on the top floor, it is fully used for the main bedroom, which has dimensions of 3.00 m x 4.7 m. The outer space is used as a balcony in 2.6 m x 1.00 m.

Tiny yet cozy living room design ideas

When you  walk into the living room, you'll notice a standard white sofa facing the TV. It was a clever idea to install a wooden slate backdrop under the staircase area, so it was more useful to install a TV wall mount. The interior is predominantly white, with fine wood furniture and details that give it a bright, cozy, and charming look with its simplicity.

Open kitchen and dining area ideas

There is no wall or screen divider in the low-level spaces. It expands the space. Use the small space under the stairs to create a single-wall kitchen with a wood-look design. The breakfast/dining area is located between the kitchen and the living room. It has a design in line with the kitchen that makes it look harmonious.

The main bedroom ideas

©Tiny House @CasasPequenas

The top floor is maximally used as the master bedroom. The bed, wardrobe, and workstation were placed here. This bedroom has a number of window for good lighting and air circulation. Adding a floating cabinet as a book shelf and a floating shelf to put decorations that beautify this bedroom.

Access to the balcony

From the bedroom, you can head straight to the balcony. This is a plus in this 30 sqm tiny house. You can see the outside through sliding glass door from the inside. When you're tired, simply go to the balcony and enjoy your free time.

The tiny yet relaxing balcony

The balcony is small but well-designed. It can accommodate at least two people to be on it. The balcony has a safety railing that enhances the exterior design. You can bring lightweight moveable chairs here to sit back and relax.

Thank you for taking time to read 7+ Beautiful Tiny House Ideas, Under 30 Sqm (3 x 6 Meters). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
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