Budget Friendly Small House Design 30 SQM with 2 Bedrooms

Helloshabby.com -- Budget is something we always worry about when it comes to building a house. That can be tricked a little by choosing a small house design with a simple but sturdy building. This 30 sqm (5 x 6 meter) house design is a great idea to start. Despite its small size, it has two bedrooms to accommodate a small family.

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Minimalist building that's inexpensive

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For the shape of the house, don't be greedy and want a house with complex details. It will eat up your budget. Keep it low profile by choosing this exterior design. The house has a minimalist cube shape that tends to be easy and more economical to realize. It's simple but still has a pretty front terrace to sit back and relax on.

Bright and fresh exterior

White paint for exterior walls is a good choice. Accents of peach paint color create a soft touch to the house. This color scheme gives the house bright and colorful look. The floor of the terrace and the lower side of the house also seem sturdy, with natural stone accents that has natural patterns. Surrounding the house with flowering plants will also make it feel beautifully fresh.

Beautiful and affordable construction details

Design Concept PH

The house has a sloping roof that's both sturdy and easy to construct. The front porch is also shaded by a permanent flat roof supported by pillars. Using two pillar models, one in a solid peach color and the other in a minimalist lattice design. This add dynamism to the front elevation.

Pretty living area design ideas

Stepping into the house, you'll be greeted by a pretty pink sofa in the living area. The pink sofa's slim and elongated design fits the space's narrow and elongated dimensions. The sofa faces the TV mounting wall. Underneath is a table with indoor plants that refresh the atmosphere there.

Tiny but modern kitchen design

Design Concept PH

Straight from the living area, you can find the kitchen. The kitchen here is small but has enough space for you to cook simple home-cooked meals. Placing single-wall kitchen furniture consists of a countertop, sink, stove, and cabinetry. It also has a backsplash to maximize style and safety.

The bedroom design ideas

This is one of the 30 square meter house' bedroom design ideas. You can arrange it however you want. It has access to awning and sliding windows for natural light and air vent. The gray floor also complements the white-painted walls. You can decor the room based on your preferred theme.

The home's layout

This is how the house is laid out. You can find the living room and kitchen right when you open the main door. The bathroom is in the center area for easy access. There are two bedrooms, one made in bunk bed style to get more sleeping space.

Thank you for taking time to read Budget Friendly Small House Design 30 SQM with 2 Bedrooms. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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