7 Small Living Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Helloshabby.com -- We must properly organize the small living room. That way, every available space will work for us. The following ideas will help you to get a living room that's roomy that than cramped one. Check out for 7 small living room ideas to maximize your space

Make sure the living room has windows

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It would be better if you positioned the living room close to the window. The window will provide natural light, which highlights the texture, patterns, and colors in your small living room. A living room that's bright and full of fresh color will certainly be a pleasure to visit.

Leave space between furniture

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That doesn't mean a small living room can't be maximized without a lot of stuff. It simply challenges you to put only essential furniture there. Allow enough space between pieces of furniture--for example, the ideal distance between the sofa and TV section. Good spacing will create a small living room that feels roomy.

Make good use of rugs

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A small living room doesn't have to be small in style. Adding a rug will give your small space the style and function you need. Place a large rug in the center of the room; it will open up the space and make you feel cozy. It also connects each piece of furniture nicely.

Beautify your vertical space

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White walls create the illusion of a larger space. However, being too plain will make the room boring. Install some art pieces on the white walls. A beautifully decorated and well-organized wall will give a charming look to a small living room.

Don't overstuff the furniture

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You need to be smart to choose sleek furniture and smart storage for a small living room. If it's available, don't be greedy and put a lot of items in there. It's not a good idea to style a small sofa with more than three cushions. It will have an overwhelming look in a small space.

Clever sofa side table ideas

Neelam John

Don't force a small space to have a coffee table in the center of the room. Instead, you can bring a small side table right next to the sofa like this. These two small tables are sleek and don't hinder mobility in a small living room.

Add your favorite color

A small living room will feel special and maximized personally for you with the favorite color. You can apply your favorite pink color there. All-pink decorations but in a base-white living room will still look clean, spacious, and beautiful.

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