7 Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- An outdoor kitchen is a good option if you don't want your home to smell of cooking fumes, even when the cooking process is done. The smell of cooking can get stuck in the house and stick to soft furnishings. If you intend to create an outdoor kitchen, here are 7 small outdoor kitchen ideas.

Outdoor kitchen with wooden slates

You can use the furthest area away from the living spaces as an outdoor kitchen. The type of kitchen that is good for cooking traditional dishes with a heavy cooking smell. Use wooden slate windows like this to open it up. These wooden slates are also goo for storing kitchen utensils. 

Small, elongated outdoor kitchen with roof

Why not use the side yard as an outdoor kitchen? You can make it in a simple manner. Make a sturdy and modern-looking countertop out of concrete. Add a transparent but sturdy roof to protect the kitchen from rain and excessive sunlight, which can make you feel uneasy in the kitchen.

A kitchen that blends into the backyard

Backyards are commonly used for relaxing or outdoor family gatherings. It's even more perfect if you provide a kitchen there. Create a simple outdoor kitchen that's ideal for cooking together, such as doing a BBQ or cooking delicious local dishes to enjoy together in the backyard.

Outdoor concrete kitchen

This kitchen takes the concept of a semi-outdoor kitchen. Although not one hundred percent outside, with this design you can still feel the change of air passing through the wooden slates window which deliberately left to have gaps. The countertop is made of resistant-weather concrete. Overlooking the garden or even a small river is a bonus here.

Simple outdoor kitchen and dining area

You can also design the kitchen and dining area to be completely open. This design is certainly suitable for those of you who want to be closer to nature, especially those of you who like the cool breeze. A kitchen like this provides the best air circulation, so heavy cooking fumes won't get stuck in the house.

Indoor kitchen with an outdoor atmosphere

OK. Not everyone can build an outdoor kitchen. You can create an indoor kitchen with a maximum outdoor atmosphere. That can be realized by making your kitchen window face the garden or outdoors. Granite-based countertop will make your kitchen more attractive!

Dominant wood nuance

An outdoor kitchen would be great with a wood-tone theme. Wood can be applied to wooden slate windows, cabinets, and dining chair table sets. Wooden furniture will make the outdoor kitchen feel fresh, blending with nature and the surrounding environment.

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