Bahay Kubo with Great Interior and Indoor Swimming Pool -- Bahay kubo has the potential to be a pleasant home. Built with Amakan walls, bamboo flairs, and a concrete base to outlast. All of these combine to make Bahay kubo memorable. Incorporate modern and comfortable furnishings for double comfort.

This Bahay kubo is a fantastic inspiration for native home enthusiasts. The indoor swimming pool is a nice bonus here. Here's a review of bahay kubu with great interior and swimming pool for you. 

House building with local pride

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The exterior of the building proudly depict the theme of this house. Natural wood materials and colors dominate in this Bahay Kubo. A modern fence in a matching wood color finish surrounds the main building. Exterior details are added to enliven it. This Bahay kubo can serve as ideas for those of you planning to build a vacation home.

Natural living area design ideas

The interior still features a proud native vibe. The walls are made of Amakan (sawali), which blends well with the solid tile flooring in fine wood colors. Choosing wooden table and seating to give the living area a natural, rustic, and memorable look.

Modernize the Amakan's wall

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The walls of the house are made of Amakan, woven bamboo walls. These walls provide strong native vibe and ambience. The owner infused a modern aesthetic into the space by adding modern and colorful paintings.

Lovely dining area ideas

The dining area is placed in a room with a right angle. Placing a wooden table covered with a green cloth. This green adds a touch of nature color, which blends well with the Amakan wall and the wooden chairs. When not in use, it is good to decorate the table with a basket filled with fruit and fake flowers.

An indoor swimming area

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Bahay kubo can be a dream home that you are proud of. The construction may be simple, but the added features will take it to the next level. This bahay kubo has an indoor swimming pool. The room is covered with wooden slate windows that still provide a breeze. This is big bonus in this kind of home.

The simple and traditional bedroom 

If it's just a vacation home, you don't need to bother decorating the bedorom. Keep it simple, but give it a distinct native Filipino feel. Bring a double mattress to the designated area. Make it simple, but provide a comfortable place to rest.

The fresh balcony

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The two-story bahay kubo is made even more perfect with a balcony. That balcony will be where you will unwind. The owner can enjoy the cool air while looking at the green scenery around Bahay. It is good to fill the corners or pillars of the balcony with plants. Faux plants are fine for simple maintenance.

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