Beautiful Simple Purple Stilt House Ideas -- Who would have guessed that this is a house on stilts? This stilted house is well-designed and decorated, so it looks like a modern house with a lovely purple interior. If you look closely, you'll notice that this house still has wooden plank walls and floors. The lovely colors here would amaze anyone. Here some beautiful simple purple stilt house ideas to get you started.

Welcoming purple front porch

© rumah_ungusasha

A front porch like this one beautifully reflects the owner's passion. The pastel purple paint on the wooden plank wall is pleasing to the eye. The terrace floor is made of solid material and has ceramic tiles with natural stone patterns. Here, the owner placed movable chairs and plants to relax.

Lively living room design

Instead of minimalism, the owner favored a lively space. Covering the wide wall with patterned purple wallpaper. The lines of wooden floor can be seen here, but the wooden floor is well covered with bright blue linoleum flooring. The walls are already quite vibrant, there is not much furniture to avoid looking overcrowded.

Purple lounge to watch TV

© rumah_ungusasha

The living area features a lovely purple rug that also works as floor seating. The purple rug overlooks the TV section, which consists of a purple cabinet with items and trophies by the homeowner. This room is quite spacious, but placing a fan with purple decorations will make it more enjoyable to spend time here, especially when summer hits.

Purple on-floor bed ideas

The bedroom here uses an on-floor bed model. Removing the bed and placing the mattress on the floor. This is especially good for wooden floor construction, reducing the load. The bedroom still has a dominant purple vibe. Everything is a deep purple, with the linoleum floor as a contrast that brightens up the bedroom.

Simple yet lively kitchen ideas

© rumah_ungusasha

The kitchen is the homeowner's favorite place. The size is quite spacious, with a simple but proper layout. Here, the owner separates the stove and sink area. The stove table is so adorable, with a purplish pink color and a flowery backsplash. Storage for cooking utensils is on the kitchen shelves, while others are hung on the walls.

Purple laundry ideas

The laundry room has a tiled floor with a solid floor. The simple metal and wood wall construction is nicely covered with glossy purple and white paint. The washing machine was also decorated with adorable purple stickers by the owner. The installed transparent roof aids in natural heat drying of the clothes.

Outdoor bathroom with purple decor

© rumah_ungusasha

The service areas of the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen are outside the main interior. For this reason, it is possible to install ceramic floor tiles. This is far safer for wet areas like bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are also used in the partial walls of the bathroom to reduce the risk of wall seepage and mold growth.

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