Blue Lively Home Ideas for a Happy Family -- There is a reason why the house is decorated in blue. Not just any blue, but a blue inspired by the sky and the sea. The light blue creates a home that feels refreshing and friendly. It doesn't stop there; many people don't hesitate to add their favorite characters that enliven the house. You can see the inspiration in blue-Lively home ideas for a happy family.

Adorable Doraemon blue living room

Who doesn't know the Doraemon? The cute future cat character with his blue and white color. If you like it, you can easily decorate your home in a Doraemon theme. The solid blue walls contrast nicely with the white doors and floors. Place a blue sofa on the floor and fill it with blue cushions. Doraemon also look cute on the curtains and wall stickers.

Put your blue collection on display!

The room still has the Doraemon's vibe that both children and adults enjoy. If you're a Doraemon fan, don't be afraid o display your blue items in your living room or lounge. Organize it neatly, even though it might look crowded. A lively and bright space with things you love will keep you from feeling gloomy.

Kids bedroom ideas in blue

Children require a bedroom that is suitable for their ages. Kindergartens will probably enjoy a room with bright blue tones like this one. A room that is both refreshing and welcoming. A blue bedroom will feel lively and make them happy, especially if it contains patterns that children love.

Cozy blue bedroom

A bedroom with shades of blue and a Doraemon theme can be suitable for adults. This is one instance. The blue and white Doraemon decorations on the soft furnishings and dolls are still adorable. However, the plain walls and floors give the impression of a space that's bright, spacious, and airy.

Vibrant blue kitchen ideas

For those of you who love cooking, the kitchen is probably your throne. Create a kitchen with the shades of you've dreaming of. Some people want to go in maximalist style. They love bright blue kitchens full of Doraemon's patterns that make it so lively.

Simple and beautiful blue kitchen

This blue kitchen is for those who want a simple and beautiful bright blue. The blue walls blend well with the backsplash tile in a neutral color. The bottom of the countertop is covered neatly and lovely using a small blue curtains in a yellow floral pattern. This gives the kitchen a sweet and charming look.

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