Half Amakan Simple Home Ideas for Cozy Living (250K Php)

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For some people, a dream home doesn't have to big big and grand. It's enough to have humble home. Just like this simple house with a half-amakan concept owned by the Catamco family. This simple but well-organized house has a cozy atmosphere, proving that even a simple house can bring happiness too.

This is the half-amakan simple home ideas for cozy living (250 k)

Half concrete, half amakan design

© Catamco Family

This home is made of half amakan and half concrete. The house' foundation is half concrete, which makes it more durable and sturdy. This house is only 20 x 16 in size and stands upright with a sloping roof covered in metal tiles. It cost about 250K PHP for labor and materials.

The owner said there is vacant land in the backyard for a hobby for ornamental fishpond, and front yard for a dream flower garden. The house is simple but full of happy future plans. 

Cozy and bright brown living room

The interior may use some kind of wooden plywood or gypsum board for the walls. That will save on construction costs. The lower walls are painted white for a clean look. The floor is also covered with gray linoleum for comfort. Place the brown sofa in the rooms' corner, near the large glass window. This glass window will broaden the views and brighten the interior during the day.

Neat kitchen and dining area

© Catamco Family

The kitchen and dining area are located here, making this humble home even more perfect for small family life. The kitchen use white ceramic tiles for the countertop, and the bottom is covered with black curtains for a neat look. Since the space is not large, it is a wise idea to add a dining table and chairs in a sleek and minimalist design like this one.

Spacious workstation

There is a corner of the room that can be be put to good use a workspace. A black desk with full computer set was placed there. The all-black workstation design is something that contrasts and gives the corner a different look from the other living spaces.

A comfy bedroom for resting

© Catamco Family

A simple but cozy bedroom will promote quality rest and sleep. This bedroom has no bedframe and instead places the matters on the floor to save space. The owner installed a ceiling fan that will dissipate the heat in the room. The window can also be opened to let in a fresh breeze to help your little one sleep soundly.

The bathroom ideas

For the most humid and wet areas, the floor and walls use the construction they should. Lined with ceramic tiles in wood patterns for the floor, and granite patterns for the walls. The combination of these two tiles gives the small bathroom a modern look.

Thank you for taking time to read Half Amakan Simple Home Ideas for Cozy Living (250K Php). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author                  : Yeni
Editor                   : Munawaroh
Source                   : Via FB Awesome Philippines Houses 
Credit picture to    © Catamco Family

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