Low Budget House: 2-Storey Modern Amakan House Design With Balcony (60 Sqm)

Helloshabby.com -- This time, the home design for the house will inspire you when you want to build a dream house with a 2-storey concept, which of course you can build with smaller land but still offers complete and comfortable facilities. Even though it may seem like an old building, with the right touch it will make it appear more contemporary. For a 2-storey house design idea that you can use as a reference, check out Low Budget House: 2-Storey Modern Amakan House Design With Balcony (60 Sqm).

House facade design

For a 2-storey building design, this house does not use the security as a whole. The combination with concrete can make the house stay strong. The choice of colors with earth-tone nuances is very suitable to be applied to the design of this 2-storey house. In addition, additional down lights on the roof deck will be perfect for creating a warm look at night.

Ground floor plan

The layout of the first floor house appears to be comfortable and neat. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom in this area. This clever arrangement maintains the feeling of space in the room while also making it appear larger.



Second floor plan

You can see the spatial layout and detailed dimensions from the picture which shows the floor plan of the 2nd floor of this house. In this area there are 2 comfortable sized bedrooms and also has a bathroom as a complementary facility. Not only that, like most 2-storey houses, the balcony is an area that cannot be left out of the design of this house.

Living room design

The living room is not overly large, but it is still comfortable. This living room includes a television and a cabinet near the stair railing, in addition to a sofa that is the right size. The use of natural colors in this living room creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Dining room design

The area near the stairs is a dining room with sleek furniture typical of the style of a dining room in general that does not dominate the room. Furthermore, the appearance of the ceiling with a one-of-a-kind model can add elements that beautify the room.

Small kitchen design

The last area to be discussed in the design of this house is the kitchen. The design of a small kitchen in the corner of the room can make a neat and clean look. Following its position in the corner of the room, this kitchen is placed with an L-shaped kitchen table layout.





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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source      : PN Design Concepts


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