Tiny Lake Home Ideas in the Philippines

Helloshabby.com -- Tiny houses can be built anywhere, even on the lakeside. It could be a private vacation home or a house rented out specifically for the holiday season. Boxmodi designed a wonderfully beautiful tiny home. Projected for a lakeside home, it maximizes comfort while enjoying the fresh natural surroundings.

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House's facade design


The facade of this house uses a minimalist building concept with quite a lot of wood accents. Wood accents are used on the doors, window frames, porch floors, and front benches. Using white as an exterior paint color creates a very clean appearance. The roof porch has an additional roof to protect it from rain and excessive sun heat.

Interior with a Scandi-vibe

Entering the house, you will find a room that feels warm and welcoming. Using a cool, light color palette, it almost brings the Scandi style here. The room serves as a living room, looking simple with a sofa, coffee table, and TV on a console. Although simple, functionality and comfort are prioritized here.


The interior here have narrow and elongated dimensions. The designer focused on natural materials and light colors to create a sense of spaciousness and airiness. The wood-inspired flooring blends well with the white walls. Some walls are left blank (as negative space), while others are beautifully filled with decorations and floating shelves.

Simple concept but brings warmth

Arranging spaces with natural schemes and light colors is an adaptable concept, especially for small spaces. It's great for creating a cozy and inviting space. Do not hesitate to add a blue sofa that adds a splash of color to this space. The room gets even warmer and cozier by adding a small rug under the sofa area.

Wide opening


The fresh and serene atmosphere should be felt not only outside but also inside the house. This tiny house has a large opening like this one. The sliding door concept allows the door to be opened wide to let in more light and a fresh breeze. It also allows you to see the view of the lake from inside.

A serene night view

This is the serene night views at this like home. Using bright lighting that highlight the walls and makes the house so bright in the darkness. The walking steps between the lawns in the yard add to the uniqueness of the house.

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