Modern Half 'Amakan' for Small House Design Ideas -- Although it is often considered traditional, the appearance of Amakan's design is still admired today because apart from being cheap, its distinctive appearance makes for soothing homey memories. Even though it doesn't use the whole building as a whole, this house looks amazing with an exterior that looks simple, but you need to see the interior which is very impressive. Check Modern Half 'Amakan' for Small House Design Ideas.



House facade design

The facade of this house looks simple by using a half-abandoned design that is used on the exterior walls. While some other parts use stronger concrete for buildings. Some window details also add to the beauty of the exterior of this simple house.

Front porch idea

Before we go inside, let's take a look at the small porch that this house has. With its small size, this porch can be used as a comfortable relaxing area, complete with several chairs. Rattan chairs on the porch will complement the appearance of the omens on the surrounding exterior walls.

Living room idea

When you enter the interior, you will undoubtedly be amazed. In contrast to the outside appearance, which is simple and traditional, this section of the living room has a modern and minimalist style. The use of interior colors with earth-tone nuances creates a homey impression while also making the space feel larger.

Dining room idea

As in the dining room, a modern appearance can be achieved through proper arrangement, furniture, and decoration. To make the most of a small space, dining table furniture is chosen with a simple and sleek design. The addition of a chandelier to the dining room enhances the overall appearance, which is far from outdated.

Small kitchen idea

Taking advantage of the small space available, this kitchen employs a small kitchen set in a soft color that feels cleaner and does not give the impression of being stuffy. Some shelves are also added to the wall to increase storage space and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Bedroom idea

Rest time will feel more leverage if you have a comfortable bedroom. This home has neat-looking bedrooms with clever furniture arrangements. The use of furniture that is not excessive is also very important to note to create this comfort.

White bathroom idea

White is the best color to overcome a small room to make it look more spacious. That's how it was applied to this bathroom. The use of white color in all the details is able to create comfort and make the light spread better. The arrangement of each area also makes the small bathroom in this amakan house feel more comfortable and beautiful.

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