Simple Exposed Concrete House but with Impactful Flooring -- Everyone's ideal home is a different. Some people are content with a traditional home, while others prefer a simple modern home with a unique feature. If you're the latter, here's a design review to get you started. This house is made of exposed concrete but has an impactful checkerboard pattern floor. Check out more details below!

Impressive outbuildings

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The exterior of the house takes on a modern finishing style. It's got a geometric shape with an exposed concrete finish that features a unique rough pattern. A portion of the wall is polished with a smooth paint that gives it a charming deep gray appearance.

Black and green accents that stand out

The front elevation adds black color especially for the door and window frames. Black is also included as the color for the outdoor screen. Black is a color that gives a strong and masculine look to the house. In addition, splashes of green also enter by adding tropical plants such as fern and calathea lutea in front of the house.

A stunning terrace floor

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Flooring plays an important role here. The main floor in this house uses special tiles in black and white checkerboard pattern. Flooring like this adds a vibrant and stylish atmosphere to both the exterior and interior of the house. The flooring choice is simple but makes a big impact on the look of the house.

A big plant for the big statement

The house's exterior does not have excessive ornamental details. It is enough to a have charming floor pattern. It's just that the owner added a large fern plant to the front of the house to make a bold statement about its freshness. That's why the house does not feel dry and desolate.

A cool coffee corner

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The inside of the house has the same tile floor pattern as the outside. This house is unique in that it has a small bar that serves as a cozy coffee corner. The bar counter is located near the window, allowing you to enjoy coffee while appreciating the breeze. Coffee supplies are neatly organized on a stacking shelves that can be easily rearranged.

Simple yet elegant kitchen design

This kitchen has beautiful flooring and elegant marble countertops. That way, even though the kitchen only has an L-shaped countertop with no cabinets underneath, the kitchen still looks stylish. Cooking ingredients are organized in stacking shelves. The kitchen has windows to minimize the risk of stuffiness and heat.

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Author      : Yeni
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