Small yet Luxurious Home with a Balcony and 2 Bedrooms (6 x 9 M) -- You can build a luxurious and stunning house in a small area. For example, consider this two-story house on a 6-by9 meter lot. This house is special not only because of the sturdy external building design but also its interior design. It has a separate living room from the main interior, which gives guests privacy and comfort when they visit. 

This is a Small yet Luxurious Home with a Balcony and 2 Bedrooms (6 x 9 M).

Sturdy and luxurious two-story building

© Azura Raisya Desain

The house's construction is stunning. Standing firmly in geometric shape on a 6-by-9-meter plot of land. With white as the base color and gray accents. the house is finished in minimalist natural style. The natural stone accents on the exterior walls adds a cool and awesome touch. The exterior is give a more modern appearance by cleverly maximizing the high wall for window installation.

The rear view

This is the back of the house. Not only is it empty, but it has a nice space for you to do a little gardening there. From the back door, there are stairs to access the backyard. This staircase add to the dynamism of the house, especially this back part.

© Azura Raisya Desain

This staircase is for the second floor access. The second floor will only function as a formal living room and open balcony area. This gives the house a different layout than other two-storey houses.

Second-floor living room

A spacious room awaits you after take the stairs to the second floor. This area can be used as a private living room for client meetings etc. Another option is to use it as a family lounge. This area is quite private but still bright thanks to the windows installed around the walls.

The balcony area

© Azura Raisya Desain

The second floor also functions as a balcony. This balcony has a large dimension, so you can use it for a kind of outdoor garden or outdoor lounge. The balcony wall has a slate stone design that adds texture and dynamic pattern to the balcony. Bring a bench and ornamental plants to fill this balcony in a simple but enjoyable way.

Ground floor interior

The ground floor interior houses vital shared spaces like the casual living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen. The living room design is shown above. A long sofa facing the TV backdrop to create such an enjoyable atmosphere. With puzzle wall decorations and wood plank wall accents, the wall is nicely decorated.

Elegant dining area

The dining area has an equally attractive design. It is a good idea to make the dining room more charming, as it is in open-plan scheme. The dining area's center wall is designed with a natural stone look that's enhanced by golden aesthetic frames. Although the dining room furniture is simple, design like this exude an elegant look and vibe.

Kitchen area

© Azura Raisya Desain

The kitchen uses an L-shaped layout. You can place the countertop, sink, and stove in the same area without hassle. Use white for the finishing look of the kitchen to create such a bright and airy space. Don't overcrowd the upper wall with upper cabinets, just a few cabinets are enough.

The modern bedroom ideas

This house has two bedrooms, one of which has this design. It has a monochrome color scheme and contemporary decor, giving the space a luxurious and stylish appearance and feel. The room is small, but the white base color helps to create the illusion of more space.

Thank you for taking time to read Small yet Luxurious Home with a Balcony and 2 Bedrooms (6 x 9 M). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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