Green Humble Home with Neat Setting for Green Lovers -- The use of color is an easy way to make a simple home more lively. Natural colors like green prove to be very impactful for livening up a home or small space. But be careful; green is a color that draws a lot of attention. Consider a neat and simple arrangement to avoid over-greening the house. This is a green humble home with neat setting for green lovers.

Green for home exterior walls

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You can express yourself through the exterior finishing of your home. You are free to paint the exterior walls green. The green color gives it a pretty fresh look. Use a shade of green that you like; it is best to pick a green paint that's not too dazzling to the eyes even when exposed to sunlight.

Simple but neat living room

The living room in this house also has a dominant green atmosphere. The floor uses ceramic tiles in turquoise green to balance out the bright green surroundings. Placing a sofa with wooden legs and a small table to fill this small space is enough.

Adorable green trinkets

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Many cartoon character looks adorable in green. It can be used to adorn a room. A relaxed look is achieved by layering drinking water gallons with a throw in green featuring the character Keroppi, a cute green frog. The red fake flowers accent on the room wall also looks great.

Green bedroom ideas

Using a white bed with green bedding complements the all-green bedroom design. If you have a small space, you can put the bed closes to the wall. It's still good for your health and comfort in the room as long as it's not too close to the window. The white on the headboard adds a nice contrast to this small green bedroom.

Another green bedroom ideas

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This bedroom has the same arrangement as the previous one. There are not many ornaments installed around the room, so that the small space does not feel overcrowded. It was enough for the green bedding in large cartoon characters to liven up this green bedroom.

A simply organized green space

Green is an already striking color. Resist filling it with more pattern and textures to avoid becoming overwhelmed and dizzy. Maintain a clean and organized environment in your favorite green home to ensure your comfort.

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