A House with a Warm and Simple Aesthetic for Inspiration

Helloshabby.com -- An elegant home does not have to be filled with a variety of colors and expensive items. A clean home with a warm atmosphere will provide you with a more memorable stay. You can accomplish this by focusing on a neutral color scheme with fine wood accents as the main theme.

For your insight, we bring you a review of A House with a Warm and Simple Aesthetic for Inspiration.

The house's facade ideas

The house's facade must be carefully considered. This facade is so well-designed as it depicts the overall residential theme. The color scheme of the exterior walls in white seems to blend well with the walls in wood-plank style lines like this. This house has a double terrace that gives more outdoor space to enjoy.

The simple living room ideas

This type of living room can serve multiple functions. It can be a formal area for entertaining guests or a casual gathering place. The living room is simply furnished with a casual section sofa and a light wood coffee table. This area has a rug beneath it to give a warm atmosphere and soft texture.

Incorporate natural elements

The house features a Scandi-style that brings together a sense of space and natural elements. The space is simply organized to give it a spacious feel. Incorporating natural elements in the form of sunlight from wide windows into the room. You can also include indoor plants as a refreshing decoration.

Clutter-free space

Give yourself complete comfort with a clutter-space space. Make sure there are no non-essential items filling up important spaces. Leave enough space between furniture and decorations to give a sense of space. The tidiness of the space will also give you a sense of calm.

The bright kitchen

A kitchen that occupies a corner can look this beautiful. Using a white color scheme and fine wood to create a homey kitchen. It's not too empty with tile on the backsplash and countertop in a subway bevel pattern that gives the impression of a simple aesthetic. Not many upper cabinets are installed to let in light from the skylight above.

Large children's room

Bounding with kids is fun to do at home. If you still have space, use it as a playroom. Simply lay out a large, soft rug that are comfortable for the toddlers to crawl on it. Place their toys around the house for your little ones to play with their parents and explore their growth.

A fresh bathroom

The bathroom features a shower and toilet. But these two areas are separated by a divider made of cement and glass surfaces like this one. This partition prevents splashes of water from the shower from wetting the toilet area.

Neatly-arranged laundry area

Even the rearmost area such as the laundry will be better organized. Placing countertops and backsplashes that prevent the wall construction from becoming loose due to high humidity. You can place laundry baskets and wooden shelves in neat rows like this. A tidy laundyr makes the job of washing clothes easier.

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