Small House Design 9 x 7 Meters with 2 Bedrooms -- Of the many house designs, we may prefer a small but simple house design. A house that has perfect comfort despite its simple style. Simple houses also tend not to be difficult or time-consuming to construct. It enables us to plan the construction details and costs in greater detail than a complicated house. We present a review of small house design 9 x 7 meters with 2 bedrooms as inspiration.

Front elevation with motorport

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The house has a geometric shape that's easy to build. The front elevation has a look worth bragging about it. It has a gray concrete wall finish, partly exposed that blends well with the wood plank accents on the front exterior wall. The front elevation does not have a front porch but a port to park a car or motorcycle on.

The hip roof construction

This simple house takes the hip roof construction. The four sides of the roof slope downward from the peak. This type of roof is easy to build, especially for houses in the suburbs. Hip roofs have a high pitch that will make the interior feel airy and not hot. This type of roof gives the impression of a house that looks sturdy.

Incorporate natural lighting

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The house considers natural light to illuminate the interior. Glass windows were installed at precise points in sizes that matched the dimensions of the walls. It will make the room feel naturally bright, especially during the day.

Consider awning or sliding window designs that can be opened and closed; this will allow the windows to function as interior air circulation.

The lounge design

The lounge is designed in a casual yet elegant style. Placing the blue sofa against the TV mount-wall. The interior here looks cozy with a combo of white upper walls and wood plank accents that make a good backdrop for decorative frames there. Adding a fresh yellow flowers to a vase, make this lounge so bright and stunning. 

Bedroom 2 design

This is one of the bedroom designs in this house. You can organize it to have a bed, wardrobe, standing lamp, bed lamp in this arrangement. Place the bed close to the wall for a small space, it will make you have enough movable space, especially between the bed and wardrobe in this room.

The floor plan reference

This is the floor plan of this house. This house has an area of 7 m x 9 meters or 63 square meters total floor area, that includes the carport in front. As you can see, there is a kitchen positioned after the foyer, the lounge, the master bedroom with master toilet and bath, the second bedroom, and a shared bathroom.

Thank you for taking time to read Small House Design 9 x 7 Meters with 2 Bedrooms. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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