Inspiring Green Lover Themed House Ideas -- Aside from being a fun color, green is a tricky color. Getting it wrong will make your home look tacky. Avoid that by looking at the inspiration for a chic use of green, such as this home. The use of green and other trinkets manages to make the house feel lively and fresh. Let's take a look more detail at these inspiring green lover themed house ideas.

Fresh green living room for holiday season

It's not even the holiday season! But take a look at the room above! The green and white shades go well with the living room's Christmas tree decorations. It gives the room a memorable festive vibe. The space is kept cozy by using a gray sofa with lime green cushions. You can save this beautiful green living room idea for holiday decorating.

Green as a room accent paint

You don't have to paint the entire wall green if you like the color. It actually looks good to choose white for the base finishing of the interior. Introduce green as the main star here; you can paint the ceiling green or use some furniture in a matching green color. This gives the space a green look that's not overwhelming, made even sweet with lovely artificial flowers in the room.

Bring greenery to a green home

Why not bring greenery to the green themed house? Green plants will add natural freshness to the space. The trick is to place greenery on a non-green background. It's a great idea to put a green potted plant on a plant stand with a white wall behind it. It will make the green plant still stand out in the room.

Lots of green but with good lighting

If you decide on a theme color in your home, make sure it will look good in the light. You don't want to feel dazzled in your favorite color, right? More light will make the room more lively and cozy, especially during the day. This shade of green is better in the light and does not suffocate people when they are in it.

Distance between furniture to consider

Color is important, so is furniture arrangement. When you're choosing furniture for your green room, consider choosing colors in slightly different shades to avoid monotony. Arrange the furniture to be ideally spaced to give you a sense of space. A spacious green room will give a sense of comfort to you and anyone who visits your home. 

Impactful sweet decoration

Do all decorations have to be green? Surely not. It makes a beautiful contrast to add a vase of fake flowers in pink and white. This vase with flowers elevates the living space look, giving it a sweet and elegant atmosphere into the green living space.

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