Simple Tiny Home Upgrade Ideas for Small Families -- Are you planning to renovate your small home? If so, take a look at the ideas below! This tiny house was upgraded with the addition of a mezzanine floor for a simple yet cozy home. Niechel Arsula-Mago's house is also beautifully decorated and should serve as inspiration for organizining your small space. These are some simple tiny house upgrade ideas for small families.

There is a story in every home

© Niechel Arsula-Mago

Building a house always brings a memorable story for the owner. This renovation is called renovation house 1.0 by the owner. The owner stated that the house was not fully finished but was ready to live in at the time. Improvements were made gradually. Nonetheless, remodeling the house is well thought out in order to create a safe and comfortable space for a family of four.

Sturdy mezzanine/loft floor construction

The mezzanine/loft floor construction is not just made of wood material. Its made of a kind of strong steel construction. This will give the mezzanine floor durability and safety with an additional furniture above it.

© Niechel Arsula-Mago

The height of vertical additional floor can adjust to the posture of the homeowner. It is possible to make it ideal between the lower space beneath the floor and the additional floor. This mezzanine floor is built with the ceiling height in mind, so the room does not become hot and stuffy.

The view after renovation

© Niechel Arsula-Mago

The renovation process is finished; now it's time to organize the room. Overdecorating small rooms is not recommended. Just like this is enough. Place the sofa facing the TV attached to the wall. The blue and golden colors, as well as aesthetic decoration along the walls, keep the room looks lively.

Space under the mezzanine floor

The space underneath the mezzanine floor is reused for the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen is tucked away in a corner, with L-shaped countertops and furniture. Adding a simple dining table and five plastic chairs is enough without making the room look cramped.

Use of mezzanine floor

The mezzanine floor can be used to meet the needs of the owner. It can serve as an extra bedroom. Because the floor foundation is sufficiently strong, it is possible to install the wooden wardrobes and cabinets shown above without fear of the floor collapsing.

Simple bedroom for kids

© Niechel Arsula-Mago

A child's bedroom can be simple but fun. It's simple as choosing bedding in adorable patterns. Make them sleep peacefully with doll items or pillows in bright colors that arent's scary at night.

Thank you for taking time to read Simple Tiny Home Upgrade Ideas for Small Families. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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