Cozy Beautiful Half Amakan House Ideas for Simple Living -- This time, we'll show you some fresh and inspiring half-amakan house design ideas. This home is ideal for small families who want to live simply while still enjoying all the amenities of a complete and comfortable home. The house has a proud native vibe on the outside, but inside there are modernly arranged space that are so cozy.

Here are some design ideas for a cozy, beautiful half-amakan house for simple living.

Half-Amakan, Half-Concrete

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The house's foundation is made half-concrete for a stronger and durable structure. The upper wall is made of sawali wall with a distinctively woven bamboo wall. Half-concrete and half-sawali are not polished in colorful paint, but instead showcase a traditionally beautiful home in natural colors.

A home that blends with nature

Half-amakan, half-concrete houses are built to be sturdy, comfortable, yet close to nature. The outer layer of sawali wall makes this house seem to blend in with the natural environment around it. Homes like this also tend to be more affordable to build especially in the countryside.

Modern interior

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Who would have guessed that the house's interior is so opposite to the exterior? It lack traditional vibes in favor of sophisticated modern feel. The living area is the first section. The interior walls use a certain later of white paint to give the feel of a contemporary space. Natural marble tile flooring makes the space feel clean and visually appealing.

Open-plan scheme

The layout is using an open-plan scheme. It lacks a solid wall separating the living and dining areas, instead opting for a multifunctional cabinet that serves as a partition. This cabinet is used to house the television, store items, and display decorations. Nonetheless, there is a movable space wide enough to allow comfortable access in and out of this area.

Dining area ideas

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This dining area features a solid wood table with a black glass surface. The table is large enough to place six wooden chairs arranged in this neat manner. The dining area has a window that will provide cozy lighting.

Plant decorations

Adding plant decorations is the easiest way to make a room more lively and fresh. It's a good idea to put decorations on a special plant stand to fill an empty corner. You can also opt for plant displays that will add color and adorable accents to your living space.

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