Cost-Effective Loft House Design with Floor Plan (30 SQM) -- Building a house requires careful planning, from the design to the financing. Don't be discouraged if you only have a small plot of land and limited resources; a comfortable home can still be built.

You can choose a loft house concept that is both efficient and cost-effective. The construction is not as complicated or costly as the that of a second-story house. You can even build a stylish house on 30 sqm of land. Get ideas from this Cost-Effective Loft House Design with Floor Plan (30 SQM).

Front elevation design

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This loft house has a geometric shape with a high ceiling. This is done t keep the loft floor from feeling hot and stuffy. The shape of the house is simple with no complicated details, making it more economical to build. The front elevation has a minimalist vibe with white paint, gray and black accent that polish the house's facade nicely.

The corner view

The exterior design features a modern-style loft home. The choice of tall windows contributes significantly to the exterior appeal. The corner windows are quite large and feature a hint of interior loft design. The house looks balanced and nice, thanks to the side front walls with slender glass windows.

Left side elevation

Porma House presents a well-designed house from the front to the side. A door on the side of the house leads to the side yard. Furthermore, the stationary windows above and beside the door will channel light, making the interior naturally bright during the day.

The floor plan

© Porma House

Let's break down the house plan for this 30-sqm loft house design! The ground floor is used for living spaces that can be accessed together. There is an open plan for the living and dining area with dimensions of 5.00 m x 4.00 m, an L-shaped kitchen of 3.5 m x 3.0 n, and a bathroom of 1.5 m x 2.0 m.

The loft floor is used for the bedroom. This bedroom is separated by a thick cabinet, so it is enough to place two beds, as shown. It has a size of 5.00 m x 3.00 m.

Elegant living area design

This loft house has no foyer. In the open-plan scheme, the living area looks elegant with a gray, wooden-leg sofa set, indoor plants in the corners, and beautiful flowers on the coffee table. Adding a patterned-rug also makes the living area feel cozy and warm.

The loft floor 

© Porma House

The loft floor construction looks this good. The loft floor creates extra space that makes the tiny house feel more open and spacious. This loft contains two additional beds. The sleek design makes the house has a unique vibe. If you have an amazing view, the loft floor can be used as a relaxing area.

A stylish interior

The installation of tall glass windows in the corner has an important impact. It adds style, which makes this loft home feel expensive and classy. Installing corner windows like this is quite costly, but offers a loft interior that feels cozy and bright.

The loft bedroom

© Porma House

The loft floor is used as a sleeping space. The room was divided into two with a solid cabinet, so it was enough to place two beds like this. If it doesn't feel private enough, you can consider creating a closed chamber with walls and doors that provide enough comfort and privacy.

Thank you for taking time to read Cost-Effective Loft House Design with Floor Plan (30 SQM). Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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