Humble Concrete House with Pink Lovely Decorations -- Many people still prefer houses with exposed concrete. It features a rough gray texture that gives a strong statement on the outside. Who would have though that a concrete house would also look good with an adorable combination of pink decorations? You can see some of the ideas in Humble Concrete House with Pink Lovely Decorations.

Exterior walkthrough

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The house's exterior is notable for its unpolished concrete wall construction in any color. It features a plain wall but with a smooth surface. Even so, the exterior decor on this house makes it looks lively and colorful. The house is surrounded by potted plants in a uniform pink color that makes the house so humble and lovely.

The pink living area decor ideas

The homeowner is a fan of the pink color. The living room was decorated with everything pink. Luckily, the pink used is in a soft and light shade, so it doesn't seem too overwhelming. Placing a display cabinet for the doll collection that also works as a divider with the area behind it.

The dining area

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The dining area uses smooth concrete walls that features their natural gray color. The dining area is filled with a simple dining table and four wooden chairs in a sleek design. Adding plants and a bouquet of flowers is the same as adding a splash of freshness to this space.

The pinky bedroom ideas

The bedroom has a pink vibe in its simplicity. The bedroom is organized as neatly as possible for optimal resting comfort. It also had a window covered in pink Hello Kitty curtains that made the space quite shady.

DIY potted plants

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The homeowner was so creative to give a personal touch to the front garden of the house. Choosing pots in a uniform pink color adds a lovely color to the front house. The owner also did a DIY craft by making adorable pots in the unique shape as shown.

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Author      : Yeni
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