Small Kitchen Ideas That You'll Swoon For -- A home's kitchen is always important. It's an area that gets a lot of traffic to create a hearty meals for your family. Don't be discouraged if your kitchen has a limited amount of space. You can find ideas for small kitchens that are both creative and focused on having everything you need in one space. Here are some small kitchen ideas that you'll swoon for.

A simple kitchen with open shelving

This kitchen may not be for everyone. The kitchen has native Filipino vibes that's simple but offers a sense of comfort to the owner. The kitchen uses a solid countertop with ceramic tiles above it. It also has open shelving for storage of spice racks, items, and plant decoration that brighten up the kitchen.

Color up the small kitchen

White is said to be better suited for small kitchens. However, you can personalized it. Apply yellow to the walls and cabinets in the kitchen to create a bright, colorful space. A small kitchen looks bright and cheerful when painted yellow. Even with some areas left white, it is not overwhelming in yellow.

Minimalist kitchen for small studio

This kitchen is shown for every minimalist. The kitchen has complete features, including a countertop, an island with a stove, and cabinetry. The minimalist kitchen has a clean, bright, and spacious feel due to the lack of scattered items and small but impactful decorations.

Kitchen under the stairs


A secluded place like the area under the stairs can be used as a stylish under-stair kitchen. You may need to choose built-in cabinets to fill the corners in this area with kitchen furniture. If done professionally, the under stair kitchen will be a comfortable to cook and relax here.

Stylish contemporary kitchen


Dare to invest in a small space to get the kitchen of your dreams. Just like this kitchen. A well-designed kitchen with complete features that make it look and feel effortless. Turquoise and pink items and neon decorations create a kitchen that looks so stylish in a small space.

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