Tiny 2-Story House Design Ideas (3 x 6 Meters) with Balcony

Helloshabby.com -- Another tiny house design that you won't want to miss.  A two-story tiny house that can be built on a 3 by 6 meter plot. This house has the same facilities as other traditional houses, making it so comfortable to live in. Each space is thoughtfully designed to provide you the best quality of life you deserve. It also includes a balcony for outdoor relaxing space.

Here is a Tiny 2-Story House Design Ideas (3 x 6 Meters) with Balcony.

Simple modern tiny house ideas

© Rassel Catapang

The house may have typical shape of a two-story tiny house that you've seen. A geometric cube structure with a sloping roof that overhangs it. The second floor jutting out the back for balcony space, making the house look less boxy and more dimensional. It has a front and side door, which allows for easier entry into the house.

Impressive exterior detailing

The exterior wall takes on the style of the lines that surround it. This wall features a warm brown finish that blends well with the surrounding white accents. The house lack complicated details, but the exterior details such as a balcony with railing, roof supports, and dormer above the windows give the house a chic look.

A simple and relaxing living area

© Rassel Catapang

The living area is a welcoming place.  It takes up a small space, but it is large enough to fit in a beautiful white classic sofa facing the TV cabinet. The corner is filled with plants on a plant stand.

The interior uses a white color scheme for the walls and wood-inspired flooring to give the tiny house a bright and cozy feel.

Tiny dining area and kitchen design ideas

The first floor offers shared spaces such as the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Placing the kitchen and dining area close together allows for efficiency and flexibility. The kitchen uses a single-wall layout to place complete kitchen furniture there. The minimalist color and windows keep the room feel spacious and airy.

Understair laundry area

© Rassel Catapang

The small corner under the stairs is well used as a place to put refrigerator, microwave, and washing & drying machine.  It has a special shelf cabinet for the washer and dryer to make it look neat. This arrangement saves space, but its realism must be assessed by an expert.

The ceiling design

This is the overall first-floor view. It looks well-designed. The ceiling height is made as ideal as possible, so the space does not feel hot, stuffy, and cramped. The ceiling even has an elegant finish in a flat shape but has lighting forming the ceiling line, which adds style to the interior.

The upstair bedroom

The master bedroom is on the second floor. You can place the bed with underbed drawers for additional storage. The second floor has a railing that will ensure the safety here. On the second floor you will also find a bathroom.

The beautiful balcony

© Rassel Catapang

The second floor is more special as it has access to the front balcony. This balcony occupies a small space but placing flowers along the bottom railing gives it a beautiful look. You can bring a pair of outdoor chairs and a coffee table to enjoy your coffee here.

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Author      : Yeni
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