Beautiful Simple House 1.5 Floors with Cool Roofdeck -- You've probably seen a lot of 3D house design ideas that include a rooftop or roof deck. Now is the time to see real house with a pleasant roof top that will serves as a source of inspiration. The house has a 1.5-story concept, with one floor for the main rooms and an additional half for the rooftop with a bedroom on it. More details, keep reading for beautiful simple house 1.5 floors with cool roof deck.

About this simple house


The owner is a teacher who desired a soft and welcoming environment. There is an attic, a restroom, and a BBQ area on the roof. Built as well as possible to give a sense of optimal comfort and no regrets. The exterior has a rooftop as well as courtyard to give it a fresh, modern atmosphere.

The side building

The side of the house is no less interesting. It has a beautiful side yard with a small garden and a rock border that makes a statement on this lawn. To access the porch side in the corner, concrete walksteps are also provided that connect the front yard and the porch.

Cozy interior design ideas


This house consists of a ground floor of 120m2 consisting of a living room, kitchen-dining room, mini bar, storage room, laundry room, shared toilet, altar, and bedroom with private toilet.

The open-space concept creates a sense of space here. The living room blends in perfectly with the inner-court and staircase, thereby bringing a relaxed and fresh atmosphere into this living space.

Elegant kitchen-dining design ideas

The kitchen and dining area are in one space, making it simple to serve food or unwind after a long da. The kitchen and dining area have a modern, elegant look thanks to pieces of furniture in gray, glossy wood, and beautiful chandeliers hanging on a bar table.

A cool roof deck ideas


This simple but stylish home has a clever floor plan. Raising half a floor for the attic and rooftop. For the rooftop, it has an area of 35 square meters with a BBQ area and garden. Using some of this rooftop area to install skylights that provide natural lighting into the house.

The attic bedroom

There is a 40-square-meter attic with a private bedroom and toilet. The bedroom offer privacy and comfort, with ample space to fit modern furnishings, bedding, and storage. This room also has enough glass windows and a sliding glass door to allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the space.

The floor plan reference


Plan reference in Vietnamese. It contains a fairly complete house planning measure that contains details for each square meter for each are.

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