Lofted Interior Ideas with Inspirational Modern Decor -- There's a reason why loft interior design is so popular. Lofts effortlessly create stylish interiors. It's also a cool way to maximize space; you ca get more of what you need in one area. Take a look at some of our favorite loft design, curated by morakorytwoska that can be a source of inspiration. Here are some lofted interior ideas with inspirational modern decor.

Open space with clever layout


To create an interior with a loft, you must first fins a space with high ceilings. Incorporate tall windows to maximize natural lighting in the room. Organize the furniture placement. This interior has a living area, lounge, kitchen and bedroom which all are curated so well.

Loft bedroom that makes it unique

The loft serves primarily as a sleeping area. The sturdy metal plate construction is then covered with wooden floors to create a cozy but not too stiff atmosphere. This loft bedroom not only has a bed but also a work desk, making it ideal for working on work deadlines at home.

Cool typical loft decor


All of the decor elements are used effectively in this loft-style interior. The wide-open space has tall brick walls that are great for displaying contemporary art. The plants are strategically placed in empty space to give a sense of nature. Natural flooring adds a cozy interior atmosphere to the interior, making it extremely comfortable to live in.

Stunning black and green combo

Loft-style interiors are distinguished by a stylish use of black. It is used on the color of pieces of furniture, such as this bar table and stools. Black gives a strong impression, it's a good idea to add some greenery around the black items. Black and green create an exotic tropical combo that refreshes the loft interior.

Adding colorful soft items


Industrial loft interiors are bold and masculine. You can soften the look to double up on comfort. It's as simple as choosing comfy soft furnishings like rugs and cushions in soft pastel colors that aren't too flashy and clash with the brick walls and natural flooring.

The bedroom decor ideas

This loft bedroom has the same cozy feel as the other bedrooms. It has windows and skylights to bring more light inside. The bedroom's corner is nicely decorated with plants and a touch of rattan, evoking a whimsical charm.

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