Modern Amakan House Ideas: Simple but Cozy -- An Amakan house may no be for everyone, but it's the type of house that gives you impressive native pride. The exterior, covered in a layer of sawali or woven bamboo walls, gives the house a refreshingly natural feel. The interior can be combined with a modern style that will give optimal comfort. This is a modern amakan house idea: simple but cozy.

The exterior walkthrough

This Amakan house doesn't look very traditional. It is built with concrete to ensure the house's durability. The exterior walls are given an extra layer of sawali, or woven bamboo, which is typical of Amakan houses. The sawali exterior wall with concrete in its natural color finish adds a strong and natural look to the house's exterior.

The shady porch

Amakan houses tend to have a front porch. The front porch is so shady with a roof over it. This front porch will be a pleasant place to chat casually and enjoy the fresh air. It has a modern floor with a herringbone tile pattern, which completes this porch design. 

Entering the living room, you will find a room with a simple but totally modern vibe. Interior with plain white walls and floor tiles, ready to be decorated. The living room is beautifully furnished with pink sofas and dark curtains with a bright butterfly pattern, which make this living room so lively and lovely.

Smart furniture arrangement

This house has one open space, which unites the living room and kitchen. However, putting a TV cabinet between the two defines the living room and kitchen area so well. This TV cabinet works as a visual divider and is a great place to store items and decorations that enhance the room.

The kitchen ideas

The kitchen is large, but it is put to good use by including a dining area. The dining area is hidden behind the cabinet, providing privacy because it is not visible from the living room. The kitchen itself is simple in design, with a single wall countertop and no upper cabinet, and its appears practical and spacious.

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