7 x 10 Small House Design Ideas with 3 Bedroom

Helloshabby.com -- Home design is an important thing to consider in order to be precise in all its estimates. This home design idea has a simple yet charming look. For details, check out 7 x 10 Small House Design Ideas with 3 Bedroom.

House facade design

For the facade design, this house design has a minimalist look using the right color combination. There are parts with light and dark colors that have their respective roles to provide beauty to the facade of the house. In addition, the sloping roof design is perfect for this small house design.

Floor plan design

For the details of the floor plan and size, this house design has several rooms such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. See more details in the picture.

Living room design

Let's take a look at the interior details, starting from the living room. This living room design has the right size, neither too big nor too small. The selection of matching color tones is perfect for a beautiful look. In addition to the large size window, this living room looks attractive by having decorations on the walls.

Kitchen and dining area

For the next section, this is not far from the living room. There is a dining area and kitchen in this room. The dominant white color makes this room feel more spacious and bright. Not much furniture also makes the arrangement of the room look neater.


This is an example of the bedroom design that this house has. The simple look with soft colors is perfect for a relaxation space after activities. Besides being able to be filled with a bed, there is also a work desk that makes this room feel more functional.




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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source      : Blue Chip Design


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