Simple and Small House Design with Roof Deck (6 x 8 M) -- There's something appealing about a home with a roof deck. It's a way to create a beautiful outdoor space for family gatherings. Fortunately, even the smallest of houses can accommodate a roof deck. Including a roof deck makes a regular house look stylish and extraordinary. You can see inspiration for a house with a roof deck in this simple and small house design with roof deck (6 x 8 M).

Attractive front facade of the house

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The front of the house is simple but impressive. It has a simple but solid geometric shape with a concrete foundation. Using light beige colors with gray accents, which work together to create a bright minimalist simple house. The exterior features lattice lines to add detail into the house's front elevation look.

The corner view

From a distance, the house looks so dynamic. It had an L-shaped terrace that was framed beautifully with a black railing in front of the house. This terrace can be used to access the backyard or as a place to spend time together outside. The house is also fresher, with more greenery planted around it.

Aerial view

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This house uses a leaning or sloping roof model with a different slope direction from one to the next. To present a roof deck, the terrace roof employs a flat, solid roof construction. The roof deck is painted blue, which makes it extremely visible. The roof deck is accessible via a well-placed spiral staircase in the terrace area.

The living room design ideas

The living room may have a small area, but that's enough to be used as a place to entertain guests. Using a sectional sofa fills the corner of the room well. The interior here uses a light and deep blue color scheme which gives the space a fresh, bright, and more colorful appearance.

The open dining space ideas

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The main interior is designed with a minimalist concept. Bring together the living area and  dining space. The open space design will give a sense of leisure, especially with lots of windows, which will provide lots of natural light and fresh air in this area. The compact furniture selection provides enough movable space here.

Kitchen design ideas

The kitchen has a small footprint. A single-wall kitchen layout, with countertops and cabinetry placed along a single row of walls, looks better. The kitchen is well-planned, with a small window installed, especially above the sink, to provide good air circulation and prevent mold from growing in damp areas.

The bedroom design

This house has two bedrooms. One of them has a setup like this. Putting a queen-size bed is doable. You also still have space for a wardrobe, cabinet, and even installing a TV as entertainment in the bedroom.

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