Small Modern Family Homes with Eye-Catching Interiors -- Small houses are so popular because of rising costs and limited land. A small house is a practical solution due to it less expensive to build and maintain. With a good arrangement, a small house will feel comfortable to live in. If you want a small home with a sophisticated vibe, keep reading for Small Modern Family Homes with Eye-Catching Interiors.

Stylish gray front facade

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Color influences the style and atmosphere of a home's exterior. Small houses look great in minimalist style and color scheme like this  in shade of gray one. Use slate stones as an accent on the porch pillars to make it more lively. The house has a large front porch that can be used as a relaxing outdoor space.

Charming side terrace

This family house has elongated dimensions. The side of the house is used as a terrace. This terrace is so charming, with stone-patterned tile flooring with a stunning glossy effect. This tile flooring makes a great combination for exterior wall design in plain gray paint.

Spacious living area 

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Modern homes emphasize open, light-filled spaces. Use a light color scheme for the walls and gray tile floors for contrast. The living room is furnished with a large sofa that many family members can sit on. With an elegant marble backdrop and a cabinet filled with displays, the living room looks so classy.

The clean kitchen design ideas

A clean kitchen will be a favorite among mothers and home chefs. You can keep it simple without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal. The countertop is located on the side with a window, allowing home chefs to cook while enjoying the outside view and fresh air. A cool black center wall adds a finishing touch to the kitchen.

An elegant bedroom

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This master bedroom could be filled with more furniture, as long as you choose a sleek design. You can place a minimalist dressing table there. When all the furniture is in plain white, you can try lining the bed with deep red bedding, which is a beautiful contrast in the bedroom.

The second bedroom ideas

The bedroom could be used as a shared children's bedroom. The furniture arrangement is similar to previous bedroom. The only distinction is the modern and comfortable double bed. The bedroom's nuances are more dominated by white with golden accents for a cute look and cozy atmosphere.

Modern toilet and bath

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Even with its small size, this bathroom still looks charming with a luxurious interior wall. The walls are made luxurious with an elegant touch of granite patterns. To make the atmosphere of the room cozier, you can use lighting that's bright but not flashy.

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