Pleasant Purple Bungalow House Ideas with Roof Deck -- Houses with bungalow designs are indeed much favored because they have a distinctive appearance. The bungalow house design has also been modified with the popular roof deck. If you usually only see the design, this time you can see a bungalow house with a roof deck that you can use as inspiration. Check out Pleasant Purple Bungalow House Ideas with Roof Deck.

House facade

Seen from the front, this bungalow design house has a soft look with a purple color that has a light tone. Besides purple, it is also combined with other colors so that it does not look monotonous. Then, this house also has an elevation design that makes it higher than the surrounding land surface. This is so that the porch is not too dirty due to dust and also anticipates flooding during the rainy season.

Rear view

For the back view, this purple house has an interesting detail with a small staircase equipped with a silver railing. This small staircase can be used as access to or out of the back door of the house.

Roof deck view

This is one of the highlights of this home design. There is a roof deck that can be used as a functional area by adding some furniture. To make it a relaxing area, the owner can add some comfortable sofas or bean bags. Clothes drying can also be placed in this area.

Spacious living room

Let's look at the interior in more detail. There is a living room with a spacious look that doesn't have much furniture. This living room also has a wide window so that the owner can enjoy the outdoor view more coolly. Unlike the facade, this living room has an eye-catching sky blue color.

Purple bedroom

The bedroom has a combination of purple and pink which looks very suitable. This bedroom has a spacious size so it is very comfortable for the owner. Even though it is spacious, the owner did not include too much furniture so that it still leaves a large and comfortable space.

Simple minimalist bathroom

Another area of the house is the bathroom. The minimalist design is perfect for small spaces. The interior is dominated by white and has an interesting pattern on the floor so that it will give a touch of look that looks still varied.

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