Budget-Friendly Purple House with Cool Mini Bar Table


Helloshabby.com --  To build a house, it does not always have to have a spacious and luxurious design. Even a minimalist house can be turned into a comfortable home with the right arrangement. One of the components that can support the beautiful appearance of the house is the use of wall paint. One of the wall paints that can beautify the appearance of the house is purple paint.

To find out the inspiration for a minimalist purple house that saves on a budget, you can see the following review regarding the Budget-Friendly Purple House with Cool Mini Bar Table.


Adorable Purple House Look

Has the appearance of a small house, the design of this house uses a combination of purple with a touch of white, which makes this house have a balanced color display that is not boring. The roof design of this house uses layers with a gable roof model that gives a beautiful dimension to the appearance of this purple house.


Living Room with Beautiful Sofa

In the living room of this minimalist purple house, it is even more beautiful because of the use of sofas of various sizes. This living room has a sofa with a long, single, and also a small sofa without a backrest. Not to forget, the addition of a hammock chair in this living room can add a beautiful impression that can be used to relax when with family.


Family Room with Elongated Design

The family room in this house is displayed with a plastic floor carpet in purple with a gold pattern. In addition, this space does not have a partition between one area and another. This room is equipped with a hammock chair, two beautiful purple chairs with a very charming table combined with a feather rug underneath as a base.


Beautiful Mini Bar Table

It has a fairly spacious kitchen, this area is divided into two. In the area to the right side, ther e is a kitchen table where the stove and sink are, while on the other side it is used as a place to store dishes and food, which is equipped with a mini bar table but looks stunning. This mini bar table is also equipped with a high white chair, which adds to the contemporary look.


Dining Area Near the Bar Table

With a minimalist space, the design of this house still features a minimalist dining table but still has extra comfort. In contrast to the white chairs at the bar table, the tables and chairs used in this dining room use black color which is covered with a purple patterned tablecloth to give a harmonious look to the rest of the room.

Then to give another variation to this room, use curtains in different colors and dry plant decorations in the corner of the room.



That's for Budget-Friendly Purple House with Cool Mini Bar Table. Hopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about backyard ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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