(OFW) Work from Taiwan - 7 x 12 m Cozy and Beautiful House Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Hard work will always pay off. For example, this owner built a cozy home from the fruits of his labor in Taiwan. Perhaps, the owner can inspire other workers to build a nice home for their family. For some details of this home, check out (OFW) Work from Taiwan - A Cozy and Beautiful House Ideas.

House facade

The facade design of this house looks very beautiful with a modern style but still shows the characteristics of a Filipino house. The high roof design will make the room fresher and less stuffy. At the very front there is a porch with the right size and can be filled with chairs to relax more coolly.

Add a fence

The owner also added a fence that surrounds the house so that it will provide a clearer plot and can be a security feature for the owner. The rest of the land around the house can be used as a large garden or can add a shop for business.

Pretty ceiling design

The interior is also amazing. The owner has created a spacious room with marble floors that look luxurious as well as the use of an awesome ceiling up design. This beautiful ceiling design will make the room instantly look level up. Moreover, the addition of blue LEDs gives the room more dimension.

Warm area

For the bedroom, the owner chose to use wooden parquet flooring which feels warmer and more relaxing. There are enough windows to circulate air and light so that the owner gets the best quality. The master bedroom also comes with a private bathroom. Overall, the house has 3 bedrooms at 7 x 12 meters.

Stylish kitchen

The kitchen is the part that is placed at the very back but still looks stunningly designed. In addition to using a kitchen set arranged in an L-shaped layout, the owner also added a bar counter with a simple yet elegant chandelier. This bar table can also indirectly be used as a separator between the kitchen and the front area.

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Author      : Hafidza
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Yafei Kuo Arch. JC Pimentel

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