Amazing Before-After Interior Design Looks More Elegant

 Helloshabby.comMaximizing the space in the dwelling will provide many benefits as well as give you the comfort of living in it. Indeed, accuracy in designing or decorating dwellings is important, both interior and exterior. Below are some before and after interior design ideas that you can inspire.

Living room

The appearance of the living room before being designed or redecorated can be seen in the picture above. It does look spacious, but it is not optimal and less efficient.

And the results after being redecorated look more extraordinary and beautiful. Dominance of white and gold, makes the living room look elegant and expensive.

Family area

A messy room, small size, and wide windows are the appearance of the family room before decoration.

Tadaa, look at the living room after decorating. It looks more beautiful and comfortable, right? The eye-catching design with soft and gold colors makes the design more aesthetic.

To compensate for the wide window, you only need to install a mirror on the wall next to the window. Make sure the mirror is not facing directly against the window.


This balcony looks empty with a fairly high guardrail. And this makes you unable to see the outside view, which is certainly an annoying thing.

The result after decorating. It seems that the balcony feels more comfortable to use to relax and spend time. The stunning and eye-catching appearance with pergolas and artificial grass makes the balcony look fresher.

Entering area

The appearance of this entrance is in general, empty and monotonous without decoration. You can change it to a beautiful entrance suitable for taking pictures.

The addition of lighting and plants makes the entrance area more beautiful and fresh. Especially with floors that are made of wood or ceramic materials that have wood motifs, this makes the design more natural.

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